Gb Snapchat

As the world is moving on to another level of photography and taking the snaps. So many developers offer their services for the development of the camera with many filters and features that are easily available on the Google Play Store and without any cost.

Similarly, Gb Snapchat APK is an application that allows users to click snaps and enhance their photography level. Along with this, it allows its users to chat with other people who are also sure of this application.

GB Snapchat

GB Snapchat

This application has become the choice of many users not just because of the filters and picture quality it provides but for the rest of the magic which we will discuss in this article later.

But before that keep one thing in your mind every person who is going to install it once could easily fall in love with this. To enable easy location of Snapchat without a camera you can directly open the app via your mobile camera so that you could instantly capture images with Snapchat.

Apart from this, it allows you to add your current location, time, time, and lenses to your photos. You can share those photos and snaps on your story too or can keep those as your memory.

Additional Information

Name GB Snapchat
Ratings 4.4
Size 56MB
Updated on 25  February 2024
Offered by Snapchat Inc.
Category Tools
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This is not an ordinary picture-sharing application. This application has a lot of magical features which are discussed below.

Chat Option

This application does allow you to chat with other users of this application that you have added to your account. You can not only send them a text message but can do video chatting with them too. You can send them the video you just created from your phone or the picture you have taken using Snapchat.

Even though you can react to the story of your friend which will be visible for 24 hours only.

Live Update

If you are a person who likes to be updated on the news all over the world, especially fashion trending news. Then this application is going to assist you.

By showing you the most trending fashion videos of your choice, or even the snaps of the celebs you want to follow.

Location Sharing.

No matter from which part of this world you belong you can share your live location with your friends if you want to.

You can even watch and check the live location of your friend if he has shared that in the story.

This can be sometimes not safe but without your permission, Snapchat will not going to share your location with any of your friends.

Cloud Storage

This application will allow you to store a massive amount of data in cloud computing. You do not have to buy an expensive storage device for your bulk data as this application is supported by cloud storage.

Some might you be thinking that if this application is supported by cloud storage then it cannot be much reliable then let me tell you one thing this application is secured with the google account you are proved and has the password too so you do not have to worry about the loss of data

One of the attention-seeker features of this application is the sharing of memory after 1 year. The snaps and posts you took one year ago will be notified in notification right after one year so if you want to share them or keep them it’s up to you then.


It gives you the extra spice of making your friendship last longer with your friends by creating your amazing portfolio and having your avatar in the picture.

Having an attractive profile can make you more attractive among your friends list so the developers of Snapchat have done a lot for the profile of a user.




GB Snapchat is a in one social media platform where you can not only share your pictures, posts, and videos but can create your avatar too.

This application is well-designed and the interface of this application is quite impressive and catchy. The enormous amount of this application downloads shows how much users like this application.


Q: Is this application free of cost?

Yes, you can download this application for free.

Q: Is this version of Snapchat released by Snapchat Inc.?

Yes, its GB version is also released by the same Inc.