Geocaching Premium

No doubt Google live location services are taking over almost every trending application over the google play store. The same is the case with Geocaching Premium Apk.

Geocaching Premium Apk

Geocaching Premium Apk

This application is offered by Groundspeak Inc. in which will keep track of your tracking and adventure. Counting steps in the tracking and showing the next location via google Maps is no doubt the basic theme of this application.

But what makes this application super exciting is the hidden cache during the journey. If you are wondering how this application will work you need to read out the article below.


The word geocaching is the combination of two words geo and cache. During the tracking, you will get many hidden caches over the tracks. These caches can be anything left by the next trackers before you.

It is more like hide and seeks of the items. In which the tracker next to you will leave different items and will hide them in a safe place and on geocaching premium Apk he will mark up the place.

All you need to do is to hike over that pace and search for the items that were hidden there. You can do the same as well for any other person.

Additional Information

Name Geocaching
Size 36 MB
Ratings 4.5
Total Downloads 10 M+
Updated on 14 February 2023
Version 8.53.6
Category Tools
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Recent Activities

Your recent activities will be stored on this application in the form of history. You can search for any pre-visited place again and check your recent activity over any location.

Live Search

With live search, you can not only explore the world but can track the other geocachers hunting for the hidden caches. This live search will also let you navigate the world with the help of the map.

If you have ever used google live map then this application is not going to give to a tough time at all the interface and the working mechanism of geocaching is the same as google live maps.


As mentioned this application can help you navigate through the love locations. Your tracking routes and the world you want to explore will be navigated to you with the help of different marks over the map.

Also, the cachers who have to hide different items that are the caches for you will be marked upon the map. All you need to do is to explore the entire area the caches will be hidden in something sold and hard to make it protected from different weather conditions.

Message Plyers

You can message the pro users of this application. This will let you take advice tips and tricks from the users who have been using this application since so far. Getting protips from them will let you hunt the cachers more quickly.

You can chat with them every time you want to and can your friendship strong no matter in which country they are living in.

Meet Users

You will meet many cachers on the way to exploration. You can join their team and can hunt for the cache together. Hence you can make new friends and can enjoy the entire adventure together.


Although everyone nowadays uses google live Maps services whenever they visit a new place. But just imagine how cool it is whenever you think of exploring a new place with fun like virtual hide and seek.

Geocaching Premium Apk is not an ordinary location-finding application but it is more than adventure ad fun at the same time. If you are an adventure lover then we highly recommend going for this application on your next expected trip.