Hammer Security Mod

In a world where the loss or theft of a mobile phone can trigger a cascade of concerns, Hammer Security emerges as a stalwart guardian. Hammer Security Mod Apk is an anti-theft and lost phone finder application developed by Hammer Security.

Hammer Security stands as a digital shield, a trustworthy companion with a singular mission: to safeguard your device and ensure peace of mind. With over 5 million users placing their trust in its capabilities, Hammer Security transcends the conventional boundaries of a mobile security app.

Application Overview

Hammer Security Mod Apk

Hammer Security Mod Apk

What sets Hammer Security apart is its proactive approach to security. The app doesn’t merely react to emergencies; it anticipates them. It’s not just about retrieving a lost device; it’s about transforming your phone into a personal bodyguard that reacts swiftly to potential threats.

At the heart of Hammer Security Mod Apk lie features that redefine the conventional understanding of mobile security. The app allows 24/7 live-location tracking, even if your phone is turned off, a critical tool in emergency scenarios. Innovative functionalities like Fake Shutdown and Fake Airplane Mode add layers of deception against potential thieves.

The Panic Button ensures that in any emergency, every second counts, providing an instant channel to alert your emergency contacts. This app is not just a security measure; it’s an entire suite of tools designed to empower users in the face of adversity.

Additional Information

Latest Version
Required Android 4.4 and up
Size 34 MB
Downloads 100000+
Ratings 4+
Updated on 14 February 2023
Category Tools
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Application Features

Hammer Security Mod Apk

Hammer Security Mod Apk

Below are the features of this app.

Live-Location Tracking (Even When Off):

Hammer Security Mod Apk introduces a groundbreaking feature, live-location tracking that operates even when your phone is powered off. In the event of theft or loss, this functionality discreetly sends updated location information to Hammer Security’s servers, allowing you to pinpoint your device on a map accurately. Unlike traditional methods, the app works in stealth mode, ensuring that even when your phone is turned off, you can track its location with precision.

Deceptive Shutdown And Airplane Mode:

Combatting potential thieves requires a strategic advantage. Hammer Security employs deceptive measures like Fake Shutdown and Fake Airplane Mode. If an intruder attempts to shut down your phone or activate airplane mode, the app simulates the action but instead sends live location, pictures, and audio to your emergency contacts. This innovative approach adds a layer of deception, catching unauthorized users off guard and increasing the chances of recovering your device.

Panic Button For Instant Alerts:

Hammer Security Mod Apk

Hammer Security Mod Apk

Every second counts in an emergency, and the Panic Button feature is your direct line to immediate action. When triggered, it sends live location, images, and audio directly to your emergency contacts. This functionality serves as a crucial tool for creating alerts and attracting attention when needed, significantly enhancing the ability to recover lost or stolen devices swiftly.

Intruder Selfie And App Lock:

Security isn’t just about location tracking; it’s about identifying potential threats. Hammer Security goes beyond with features like Intruder Selfie, capturing a photo of anyone attempting unauthorized access. Additionally, the App Lock function lets you protect sensitive apps with a PIN, ensuring that your private data remains secure. These features collectively empower users to safeguard their devices against unauthorized usage.

Comprehensive Remote Control:

Losing your phone doesn’t mean losing control. Hammer Security provides an array of remote control functionalities. You can remotely lock your phone, wipe data, or perform a factory reset, ensuring that your personal information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This level of control, even when the device is no longer in your possession, adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Low-Battery SMS Notifications:

A drained battery can leave you stranded, especially in critical situations. Hammer Security addresses this by sending Low-Battery SMS notifications to your emergency contacts.


Hammer Security places a premium on your privacy. Critical information is shared only during emergencies, ensuring that your personal data remains secure. The app’s impact on battery consumption is minimal, allowing your phone to function seamlessly.

From Intruder Selfies and App Lock to Low-Battery SMS notifications, every facet of this application is crafted to provide a holistic, efficient, and private security experience. In a landscape of uncertainty, Hammer Security Mod Apk emerges not just as an app but as a digital ally committed to your safety and peace of mind.