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The use of social media has increased over the last 3 years and the young generation is using it on daily basis. Whether it is Facebook or TikTok, everyone is posting their content on these platforms. But for the reach of the content, we need the help of hashtags. The Hashtags Manager Mod APK is a hashtag generator app specifically designed to give your posts a boost.

Hashtags Manager Mod APK

Hashtags Manager Mod APK

As we all know that hashtags are very important in tackling the complex reach algorithms of these social media platforms. These hashtags can give your post a reach of 90 times more than if you do not use them.

But the key point is using the right hashtags under the right posts. If you do not do this, the hashtags are of no use. Finding the appropriate hashtags for your posts sometimes become very tricky and hard.

So for that reason, the Hashtags Manager app is designed for you. This app generates the best hashtags relevant to your posts. With over more than 40 plus categories available and 27 million hashtags, this app can give you hashtags for your entire life.

When you find an appropriate hashtag using the Hashtags Manager Mod APK, you can directly copy it by just clicking the copy button and then pasting it under your post. It is as simple as it looks.

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5.0 and up
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Updated on 21 March 2023
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The Hashtags Manager Mod APK will generate hashtags for you. All you need to do is to open the application and select your desired category. After that, the app will provide you with a group of hashtags that it has generated. You can directly copy them and paste them on your social media.

Apart from generating the hashtags, you can manually look for your preferred hashtags as it has over 40 different categories and 27 million hashtags have been grouped in these 40 plus categories.

You can also see the trending hashtags for your specific social media application in this app. The results are very accurate and you can trust blindly on this app.


Hashtags Manager

Hashtags Manager

The features of the Hashtags Manager Mod APK are given below.

Generate Hashtags

If you want a group of hashtags you can open the application and select a category that you want the hashtags about. After that, the app will generate hashtags and group them and you can copy an entire group. This makes life easier for you as you do not have to copy-paste single hashtags by yourself.

40 Different Categories

There are more than 40 different categories of hashtags in this app. These include sports, photography, design, art, and many more things that you would like to have a hashtag on.

Add Custom Hashtags

If you are a frequent user, then you can add your custom hashtags in the app and add them under a specific category. Doing this will help you in the future when you want to use those hashtags again under any other post.

Trending Hashtags

You can also search for the trending hashtags of any social media platform. Just select a social media platform and hit the generate button. The app will look for the hashtags that are performing well and are going trendy on that app and provide you with those results.

Dark Theme

If you are a fan of dark themes then you can easily switch that in the application. Both the dark and light themes are included in the app and you can use whichever you want.


This is a great application if you want some handy hashtags for your posts. The results that Hashtags Manager Mod APK provides are all accurate and can give your posts a reach that you had never imagined.