As many companies are providing their messaging applications on the google play store. But many users feel hesitant to download that because of the privacy issue. Hushsms Apk is the application whose main concern is the user’s privacy.

HushSms Apk

HushSms Apk

Users can delete the message they have just sent to others or can switch to safe mode where the messages will be deleted after few seconds automatically.

There are very few mobile applications that offer safe mode. This application can beat the level of any top trending application on YouTube. This application has all the features of many well-rated applications on the Google Play store.

If you need any messaging application and are bored of the rest of the top trending applications then at least try this application once you will be satisfied at least for the security concern.

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Developed by gilder Developments
Released on 29 March 2020
Updated on 13 February 2024
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HushSms Apk


Delete message

As in today’s world privacy concern is one of the important concern any user wants from the social media platform they use. Hushsms considers users’ privacy a lot and it will allow a user to delete their messages to anyone they have sent.

If users are not willing that the person on the other hand can see his chat later then he can delete his messages for everyone as someone does on WhatsApp. Also if you have sent something mistakenly to someone you can easily delete your message you have just sent.

Find friends

If your friends told you that they are on the Hushsms messaging application and you won’t connect with them you can simply search them by their name, user name, or the email and number they provide you.

Searching will be so accurate and quick and will take only a few seconds to make you connect with your friends.

Picture sharing

You can not only share messages but can share pictures, videos, audio with your added friends. Also, the picture quality doesn’t get disturbed while you send it on Hushsms.


Like many other top trending social media accounts you can create your own story with a picture or video you want to.

Your stories will be visible to your friends only and will be removed right after 24 hours. Your friends will not be allowed you to save your story they will only watch the story no matter how many times they want to.

Safe mode

There is also a feature of safe mode. You can set the timings of 5 to 15 minutes during which your messages will be deleted automatically once read by the receiver. This will increase the privacy of your data being shared and on the other hand, a user would never keep the record even if he wants to do so.


You can set a password over the content you want to post. And only those users will get access to that content with whom you have shared the password. Once you have done so they can watch content by entering the password.

Swipe and Match

Swipe and match mean you will be suggested with the friends from your contact or nearby from the location. You can switch between their profile and if you find them interesting and of your interest, you can easily send them a request by clicking the matching icon.


As far as our final words are concerned we suggest this application as a default messaging application without any hesitation. This application has a very user-friendly interface with lots of extra features to get in touch with the friends you have added on.

Also, you can quickly and easily remove unfriend any of your friends whom you think is bothering your privacy. This application has every feature that any other top trending application has.


Q: Is this Hushsms application is free of cost?

Yes, you can install this palpation free of cost.

Q: Is there any limit over the safe zone?

Yes, you can set the safe zone manually from 5 to 15 minutes.

Q: How can I register myself to Hushsms?

You can easily be connected to Hushsms by entering any valid phone number. You will get OTP on your number. Afterward, you have to set any valid user name and you will be good to go.