Among many other top trending social media applications Instagram has taken the best place because of its unique features. Everyone having an Instagram account wants to manage his account and always looking for a tool that may help them to do so.

Igbest is an Instagram analyzer tool that will let Instagram users analyze and configure their accounts and profile.

IGbest Apk

IGbest Apk

As Instagram has the highest number of active users that is right now there are almost 5 billion active Instagram users and there is high competition among them to get more followers, likes, and fans.

This tool has been specially developed for Instagram users who want to get more and more followers in less time to get their objective goal.

This tool will let you get auto likes, comments, and followers on your account. The more likes, followers you will get on your account the higher will be chances to be an approved and famed user by Instagram.

But there is also a high risk of getting caught by Instagram because Instagram’s security level is high enough as compared to other applications so you have to be careful.

Additional Information

Size 2.4 MB
Version v1.7
Cost free
Android Requirement 4.0 and above
Developed By IGBest
Updated on 21 March 2023
Category Tools
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Features of IgBest

Auto Likes

Once you will get into the application by registering your personal Instagram account. This application will let you get more and more likes on your selected posts.

Auto Comments

Not only likes but you will also get auto comments by this application as it has the feature of auto comments also.

More Followers

This Instagram tool will let you get more and more followers in less time. But make sure that those followers will not be real but will be fake generated by this application.


Although this application works as a third-party mobile application and you might be thinking about the security concerns of this application.

But let us clear that this application although being the third reference for Instagram is still safe and sound and is recommended by most of the users who have got benefits from this application they do suggest this application.


Along with this, you might have heard about the IGTV that Is the Instagram televisions, this feature has launched a few months ago by Instagram.

Before this, you could post only 2 minutes videos on Instagram. Now IGTV lets you post anything of any length like YouTube.

Igbest will generate auto likes, comments on your IGTV too. And this will let you get more likes and followers on your account because of the IGTV video you have posted.


Ok, you might be thinking that how this application lets you get your objective goal in less time. Once after the installation of Igbest, you will be asked to register through your Instagram account.

Once you registered you will have to select the posts you want to get likes and comments on. Select posts simultaneously and with a gap of a few minutes. This application will generate auto comments and likes on your posts.

If you are wondering what is the criteria of this application for us to be more successful on Instagram by getting fake likes comments and followers.

Instagram and other social media applications work on an algorithm, the user having more followers’ will be recommended by Instagram and his account will be suggested to more and more Instagram users.

So in turn number of users who visit and follow your account is directly proportional to the success of your account on Instagram.

Point to Ponder

Although this application is secure and never caused any harm to any Instagram user account. But just because of getting caught by Instagram you have to maintain a proper gap of timings while selecting multiple posts to get like.

Once you open your account on Igbest don’t select more than one post, but rather give some time and close the application and later on the open application again to work on another post of you.


As far as we have researched about this application, this may lead you to get your objected goals in less time. You can use this application as a shortcut but never forget shortcuts are sometimes harmful.

This application can let you be banned by Instagram permanently as Instagram takes strict actions upon such kinds of activities.


Q: Is Igbest is available on the google play store?

No, this application is not available on the google play store?

Q: How to install Igbest?

Click on the mentioned link in this article this will led to the direct installation of this application.