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Instagram is a fun application. There you can interact with many people and share your thoughts. The follower’s system of Instagram is very good. So while using the Instagram app you must have thought about who from your followers or other users stalk your profile secretively. If yes then the InMyStalker Premium mod apk is the right sort of application for you.

inmystalker premium mod apk

inmystalker premium mod apk

Followers are great as they engage with your content. When if your follower engages with your content, likes, comments, or shares, the Instagram application suddenly notifies you about who did that. But this notification is limited to a few things.

As people follow you the Instagram will notify you, but when someone unfollows you you cant know who just unfollows you unless you know the person and visit their profile separately. For this reason, you need a third-party application that can keep a track of all your followers and your Instagram account.

So the InMyStalker premium apk is an application that tracks all your Instagram accounts and followers and when someone unfollows you, you can check that easily in the app. Apart from that, you can also see who is stalking you secretively, as there is no such feature on Instagram that lets you know who visited your profile so you can also see that in the InMyStalker.

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Instagram is a fun place to interact with many people. You can send messages to people, follow them, post pictures, like them and share your stories. These are the cool features of the Instagram application. Any activity that happens on your profile, Instagram lets you know via notifications.

You can follow people and people can also follow you. But some people only follow you to get a follow back and when they get a follow back, they unfollow you. You cant know when they unfollowed you or who unfollowed you unless you visit their profile and check.

So for this reason the InMyStalker mod apk comes to the rescue. In this application, you can see who followed you and also you recently unfollowed you so you can unfollow them. The application also lets you know who are the followers that don’t interact with your posts but still follow you.

There are 2 types of people. One who doesn’t follow you and sees your profile daily. And the ones that follow you but they do not interact or see your posts and photos. The first ones are called the secret stalkers or admirers, and the second ones are called the ghost followers.

You can easily see who are your ghost followers and who are your secret admirers with the InMyStalker. These features are not available with the Instagram application but can be accessed through this application.


inmystalker premium apk

inmystalker premium apk

The InMyStalker mod apk adds additional features for your Instagram account. The features that you get with this application are given below.

Find who unfollowed you

As there is no standard feature provided by Instagram so see who unfollowed you and who are your unfollowers so it becomes hard to detect these black sheep. But with this application, you can easily see who are your unfollowers.

Find your ghost followers

Some people follow you but they do not interact with your posts. These people are the reason your reach is low on the Instagram algorithm. So you can see these ghost followers in the application and can unfollow or remind them to interact.

Find the stalkers

Some people are your stalkers and daily they visit your profile without following you. You can be notified via this application who just visited your profile and who are your secret admirers.


If you want to have extra fun using the Instagram application and want more control over your account, you can download this InMyStalker mod apk through which you will get a lot more info on your account on Instagram.