Ipad View

Apple has launched several devices and the best part of Apple devices is their display and awesome cool features. Android and IOS have been competing for a long time. Some applications run on both devices, but there are slight differences in their UI and performance and some features too. Ipad view apk is such an application that will allow you to have an Ipad experience on your Android phones.

ipad view apk

ipad view apk

Some people like Android and some people like IOS. Some applications have additional features in one of the platforms as compared to the other. The same is the case with your all-time favorite mobile game PUBG.

This war game has attracted many users from around the globe providing a battle royal game experience on their smartphones. With its exciting set of features, this game gave a tough competition to other games. The game has a smooth playing experience and the best UI for iPad devices.

If you are an Android user and saw and played PUBG on your friend’s iPad and loved the graphics and UI, but can’t afford an Ipad then don’t worry, iPad view apk is here to save you in this situation.

It is an application that will make your Android phone screen look like an Ipad screen and the PUBG settings of an android device will be changed to that of an Ipad screen.

Additional Information

Name iPad View
Size 4MB
Version 2.31
Updated on 14 February 2023
Ratings 4+
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Category Tools
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Why download the Ipad View

PUBG is a fun game to play due to its low size as compared to other games in the category and a good audience as well. The features of this game are up to the mark. The game is available for both Android and IOS and is trending in both OS. In IOS you can play this game on both iPads and iPhones.

Although the experience of the game is very much good on all the devices playing it on an Ipad gives you the extra advantage of a wider viewing angle in the game which makes the playing experience more interesting.

The need for an Ipad view apk increased when both iPhone and Android users started to love the game experience on the Ipad, but couldn’t afford to buy one. So this application came up with a solution where you will be able you have an Ipad like PUBG gaming experience on your Android or iPhone devices.

The iPad has wider angle gameplay of the Pubg so when you download and install this application, then you will get the same view of the Ipad on your device and your device will turn into an iPad. So all the perks of Ipad PUBG will now be accessible to you on your Android or iPhone and you can play it with more ease and fun.


ipad view

iPad view

Ipad view apk is an application that you can say is some sort of emulator for non-Ipad devices for the gameplay of PUBG mobile. After installing the application, you will get an amazing playing experience with a lot of cool and exciting features.

Smooth Gameplay

After installing the Ipad view, you get a smooth gaming experience of Pubg, that of an Ipad on your iPhone and Android devices.

Ipad Experience

Ipad view sets up and transforms your iPhone or Android screen into that of an Ipad when installed, so if you wanted an Ipad and didn’t have any money to do so, now is your chance to download the application and have a premium Ipad experience for free.

Wide Angle

The main differential feature that Pubg had on the Ipad as compared to other devices was the viewing angle. Ipad had much larger and wider angles due to its screen size and it became easy to see a very large playing area on your screen. With Ipad view, you get the same wider angle in your own devices which saves you money from buying an expensive Ipad.


Ipad view apk is the best emulator for Pubg for you if you loved to play Pubg on Ipad but couldn’t buy one. So download it now and enjoy your exciting playing experience.