Komban Bus Skin

Playing any game with good tactics is one thing. And making your place or character or anything that you are playing with good and nice-looking is another thing. But most of these appearance-enhancing items are not free. For that reason, the Komban Bus Skin Download has been designed to give you free bus skins for your game.

Komban Bus Skin Download

Komban Bus Skin Download

The Komban Bus Skin Download is an external script that has been designed for the bus simulator Indonesia game. Now everyone knows that this game is very exciting and fun to play with its lots of different buses and realistic gameplay with real driving experience on the real roads and locations of Indonesia.

Now in the early days, most of the skins and appearance items in this game were free to use for the public. But with some updates, these have been added to the pro subscription feature and now you have to pay for those skins.

So to tackle this problem the Komban Bus Skin Download has been designed. Here you can have different bus skins and other accessories designed by other people that you can add and use with your buses in the game. You can also create your bus skin if you want.

Additional Information

Version v2.10
Size 4.4 MB
Required Android 4.4 and up
Price Free
Publisher Komban Bus
Updated on 13 February 2024
Category Tools
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



Komban Bus Skin

Komban Bus Skin

This Komban Bus Skin Download acts as a secondary and external script for the bus simulator Indonesia game. Here you don’t need to log in or create any sort of account. You can just open the application and search for the skin that you like the most.

If you for any reason don’t like any skin, you can then simply create your bus skin in the editor of this app. There you can use your pictures and other items. When you are done you can save it and use it directly in your game by opening it. Your skin designed in this app will be added to your bus in the game.


Komban Bus Skin Download

Komban Bus Skin Download

Now let’s talk about the features that this Komban Bus Skin Download has.

Design Your Own Skin

The application has its design editor where you can create your design and skin for your bus. All you need to do is to add your images if you want or simply play with the colors and effects and text in the editor provided to you. When done save it and use it in the game.

Create Your Vehicle

The vehicle mode system of the app lets you create your bus with the set of tools and items that are paid for in the real game. You can make your bus here and design it and then add it to your game very easily. 

Browse Different Bus Skins

If you don’t want to create your bus skin or don’t know how to do it but still want a cool bus skin that you can show to your friends, then you can also browse plenty of designs created by other users in this app. When you find any design that you like you can directly add it to your bus.

Indonesian Buses And Locations

The amazing thing about this game hack is that the bus styles that you get in it are all Indonesian and the locations in which you will drive your buses are all real places from Indonesia. So it will be a good experience for you if you download and play this game.


We have used this app for various games and found that its skins work for almost all games. You can try this app to get more amazing skins for free.


So concluding the topic with these thoughts this Komban Bus Skin Download is a great tool if you want to make your Bus Simulator Indonesia game experience more energizing and great. There are a lot of skins that you can have and you can also create your bus skins.