Social media is a place that everyone nowadays uses to keep in touch with their loved ones and the people they know. It is a place to find new people and stay connected to your known ones. You can keep the updates, look at what they are doing, etc. Along with many other social media applications, the Nicegram apk is another cool social media platform.

Nicegram Apk

Nicegram Apk

You must have heard the name of the Telegram application. It is another open-source social media platform used for sending and receiving messages, with its top-of-the-list features.

There are other social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook, but the thing that Telegram is famous for is that it provides extra security, and your data is protected and no one else can look at what you send or receive, which is not the case in many other social media platforms. Every one of them has some security and privacy issues.

Now think of an application that is built on the Telegram API but has more advanced features, is an updated version of it, and has a cool UI than it with all the security and privacy features intact. Yes, this is the Nicegram apk which is built on the Telegram API and is an enhanced version of Telegram.

Additional Information

Version v7.2.5
Updated on 13 February 2024
Name Nicegram
Ratings 4+
Required Android 4.0 and UP
Cost Free
Category Tools
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The Nicegram apk is messaging social media platform where you can send or receive messages to your loved ones. The benefit of using Nicegram over other messengers is that it provides you with extra privacy, security, and control over the application, with options to customize the features. You can create an account using your telegram number.

The application is highly secure and has a cool UI. You can customize your chat by making different folders for it and can arrange your chats nicely and attractively. There are no ads in the application. You can hide all the tabs that you are not using so that your interface looks neat.

Also, Nicegram has the ability you can use 7 different accounts in it meaning you have the access to 7 different accounts on 7 different numbers on the same application and phone. The Nicegram messenger has cloud storage that you can access, and you can save your messages to the cloud of Nicegram.

The application also has admin options where if you are an admin of a group, you can select different options for the group more easily, you can block any user more easily, and can also manage the group in a good way.

The option for starting a private chat is also available and different groups for different purposes are available in the application.




Apart from providing a secure and private environment for chatting purposes, the Nicegram apk offers a lot more control to the users through its features. Let us discuss some of them below.

Multiple Account Options

The Nicegram messenger provides you with an option to create as many 7 accounts on the same device. You can create your account easily using your mobile phone number and can log in to 7 different accounts on the same device and application. Switching between them is also very easy.

Secure Environment

The only problem with other social media platforms is that there is always a threat of privacy and security theft. As this application is built on the Telegram API, which is itself known for its security, Nicegram is the very secure messaging application that you will ever find.

Cloud Storage

The app has cloud storage where you can save your messages and chats. You also have the freedom to arrange your chats in folders in a customized way.

What’s New

  • The crash problem fixed on the old version
  • Updated to the latest version v7.2.3
  • The bug-free version is now.
  • Meet Double Bottom.
  • Download user and channel profile images


If you are someone who cares for security and is concerned about your privacy, while using a social media application, then there is no good choice for your other than the Nicegram apk. So download it now and also recommend it to your friends.