OKEN Scanner Mod

In an era marked by the relentless evolution of technology, individuals across various professions seek novel ways to enhance their quality of life and work. OKEN Scanner Mod Apk steps into this landscape, offering a free and enhanced scanning experience that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of document handling. As we navigate through the competitive terrains of academia, finance, real estate, and legal professions, the OKEN Scanner proves to be a valuable asset, promising not just efficiency but a profound transformation in day-to-day operations.

Application Overview

OKEN Scanner Mod Apk

OKEN Scanner Mod Apk

In the world of modern document management, OKEN Scanner stands out as a versatile and powerful tool, seamlessly transforming your mobile device into a portable scanner. Catering to a diverse user base, ranging from students to professionals in fields like accounting, real estate, management, and law, the app addresses the universal need for efficient document handling.

Its fundamental feature lies in its role as a mobile document scanner, allowing users to effortlessly capture and save a variety of documents, from receipts and contracts to notes and books. This functionality not only eliminates the need for traditional copy machines but also brings convenience and cost-effectiveness to the forefront.

What sets OKEN Scanner Mod Apk apart is its commitment to versatility, offering specialized scan modes that go beyond the ordinary. The ID-Card/Passport mode streamlines the scanning of identification documents, catering to professionals who frequently deal with such paperwork.

Moreover, the app incorporates a QR code scanning feature, enabling users to quickly and efficiently capture and store data on the go. This diverse range of scan modes enhances the app’s adaptability, making it an indispensable tool for users across different professions and scenarios.

OKEN Scanner extends its capabilities beyond mere scanning, introducing innovative PDF creation and editing tools. Users can seamlessly convert various file types, including Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and images, into PDF format with just a few clicks.

The app’s compatibility with multiple file formats, such as PDF, JPG, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, adds a layer of flexibility to document management. Additionally, its ability to merge, split, and compress PDFs empowers users to tailor their documents to specific needs, further enhancing the app’s utility.

Facilitating efficient collaboration, OKEN Scanner excels in document sharing. Users can easily share scanned files through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage, streamlining communication and feedback processes.

Additional Information

Latest Version
Requires Android
6.0 and up
Ratings 4
Size 128 MB
Updated on 14 February 2023
Category Tools
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Application Features

OKEN Scanner Premium Apk

OKEN Scanner Premium Apk

Below are some of the amazing set of features of this app.

Specialized Scan Modes:

OKEN Scanner offers advanced scan modes like ID-Card/Passport mode for quick and accurate scanning of identification documents. The inclusion of QR code scanning functionality further enhances versatility, allowing users to efficiently capture and store data using their device’s camera.

PDF Creation and Editing:

Beyond basic scanning, OKEN Scanner Mod Apk provides robust PDF creation and editing tools. Users can convert various file formats to PDF, including Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. The ability to merge, split, and compress PDFs empowers users to tailor documents to their specific needs.

Efficient Document Sharing:

OKEN Scanner

OKEN Scanner

OKEN Scanner streamlines document sharing through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. Integration with Microsoft Teams facilitates collaborative document reviews, with timely notifications for changes or comments on shared files, enhancing communication and teamwork.

Innovative PDF Scanner With OCR:

OKEN Scanner introduces an innovative PDF scanning approach, allowing users to convert scanned photos and documents into PDF, JPG, or text files. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature recognizes text from any scanned object, enabling easy editing and manipulation. The digital signature feature streamlines the signing and sending of legally binding documents.

Document Security and Management:

OKEN Scanner prioritizes document security with features like password protection and fingerprint authentication. The built-in file manager allows users to organize scans efficiently, creating folders and tags. The option to lock folders and files with a PIN ensures the confidentiality of sensitive documents, providing a secure and user-friendly document management experience.


In conclusion, OKEN Scanner Mod Apk emerges as a comprehensive document management solution, offering a suite of advanced features that transcend the capabilities of traditional scanning apps.

Its specialized scan modes, including the ID-Card/Passport mode and QR code scanning, cater to diverse professional needs. The robust PDF creation and editing tools empower users to convert, merge, split, and compress documents with ease, providing flexibility in document handling.