Physics Wallah Mod

Education is the need of time. Every student and every child must be educated. There was a time when we used to hire tutors and enroll our children in the different coaching centers. But now with smartphones in reach of every child, the need for this coaching has been minimized and online modes of learning have been developed. The Physics Wallah Mod Apk is another online learning application. Its the premium and fully unlocked version

Physics Wallah Mod Apk

Physics Wallah Mod Apk

To date, we have talked about all sorts of applications. From gaming to utility, we have covered all of them. Today I bring you a very useful app that can help your children in their studies. This application lies under the category of educational apps.

This is an application developed by Alakh Pandey. The application mainly focuses on the education of children. There are different sorts of qualified teachers on the application through whom you can learn a lot of knowledge.

This application is best for the students who want to study and prepare well for their board exams. There is an interactive learning approach been provided where you can take live classes from the teachers. If you miss any of the live classes, you can make the most use of the recorded lectures in the Physics Wallah Mod Apk also.

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Updated on 1 January 2022
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This Physics Wallah Mod Apk is the best gift that you can give to your children. The learning opportunities in the application are very much. There are different subjects other than physics in the form of biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc.

Different sorts of learning modes are also there. These include live classes, pre-recorded lectures from the different teachers. The notes of different subjects and different teachers are also there in the form of PDF. If you want handwritten notes, the application provides that also.


Physics Wallah Mod Apk

Physics Wallah Mod Apk

The features of the Physics Wallah Mod Apk are provided below.

Live Lectures

You can learn a lot of stuff from Youtube also. But the thing that makes this application better is that it provides a chance to learn from teachers’ lives face to face. You can enroll in a course for free and then you can take the live lectures on that particular subject.

Different Subjects

The name of the application would suggest that the application is only meant for the learning of physics. But this is not the case as you can learn a lot of different subjects on this platform. From biology to mathematics, all of your tough subjects are there to study.

Different Teachers

Another best thing about this application is that you can select your teachers from a variety of different teachers. All of the teachers are well qualified and experienced, but the one which you like and whose teaching style you like, you can learn from that teacher.


You can also get notes from different teachers. Whether you want to type notes in the form of a PDF or you want handwritten notes from the teachers for better understanding, you can get them in the application.

Assignments and Quizzes

The teachers also give you topic-wise tasks and assignments to complete. This is a great way to understand the topic more easily and effectively.

Apart from the tasks and assignments, there are all sorts of different quizzes available for you to complete. This will enhance your learning and make you prepare well for your exams.


So the students who want to prepare for their exams in a good way and don’t want to give a huge fee to the coaching centers, this Physics Wallah Mod Apk is for you all. You can learn a lot of different subjects from different teachers in a good and effective manner.