It is no doubt one of the best online dating applications designed for people who want to be in touch with people out of their state. POF Mod Apk is the actual solution for those who prefer to have a virtual friendship instead of the real one.

POF Mod Apk

POF Mod Apk

This application is not bound to a single feature that is online chatting but instead provides a variety of features that will compel you to use this application on repeat.

Additional Information

Name POF
Version v4.13.4
Size 99 MB
Total Downloads 5 M+
Updated on 13 February 2024
Rating 4+
Category Tools
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Free Messages

This dating application will provide you chance to send free text messages to your friends. Because some people are really shy to talk on face to face.

SO they prefer usually to send a text message instead of video chatting, so there are very few applications available for online dating having both the features that are the text message and the video call. POF Mod Apk is no doubt one of them providing a list of different features.

Along with the text messages you can also share your emotions using different emojis and GIFs as the library of this application is filled with loads of emojis and GIFS.

Thus you can use them to make your chat quite interesting and attractive so the stranger you are texting will be compelled to reply to you.

Live Chatting

With the highest figure of video chatting on daily basis this application stands first overall. With approximately 17 Million love conversations and videos, calls are made on daily basis.

These video chats are made throughout the world regardless of any geographical location people across the world come closer to each other over the video call.

This is no doubt one of the best features this application is providing so far with the facility of text message chatting.

Real Connections

Make real connections with the friends you have added to your account. There will be no fear of making fake friends.

Because all of your communication will be in real-time and you will be checking up on your friends. Along with that, you will add the people of your interest only. If you do not have an interest in others after reading from their bio then u simply remove them from your friend list.

By doing so they will never make you call or text again on your account hence proving this application is quite safe and secure to install on any android device.

Browse Locals

If you want to date the person living near to your house and the state you can simply browse through the locals by doing so this application will suggest the nearby locals having an account on POF Mod Apk.

Once you are done with searching the locals you can easily add them to your account by sending them the match request if they will found you interesting they will add you back too.

Meet New

If you do not have an interest in meeting and making friends with the locals nearby you then you can easily search outside of your state even your country to make new friends from outside the world.

The same mechanism will be implemented here too and you will be notified then if they have added you back to your friend list.

Discover Match

After writing about your interest in the application go through the list of persons having the same interest as you. By doing so you will surely find the people of your interest only.


No doubt this application is rich in features and will never let you be bored and down after installing it. Along with that the application is trusted and worth downloading though.