Who else does not want to be famous on their social media account? Once it was the trend to follow only celebrities, but with the advancement of social media applications every one even a common person can get 1000 likes and fan following.

Pubiwayliker helps a common person like us to grow our social media account so quickly with the auto liker mode.



Because it seems difficult for any common man to get many likes and comments over their social media account and posts. This application is designed in such a way that it will increase the number of likes and comments over your Facebook posts with a second.

Additional Information

Version v9.6
Updated on 20 March 2023
Size 1.0 MB
Android Requirement 4.0 and above
Cost Free
Ratings 4+
Category Tools
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Auto Liker

This application will generate likes on your Facebook account automatically. As mentioned it is designed in such a way that will help any common person’s account grow much faster so to increase the number of likes on your post you should try this application once.

Auto Comments

As we know for the growth of any social media account only likes are not enough to support that account but the number of comments also matters w=for the growth of any account.

This application will not only generate auto likes on your accounts but will also generate comments on your post.

Grow Account

Every social media on your phone works on the algorithm, account having a higher number of likes and comments are always suggested to others too.

So by generating a higher number of likes and comments this application will let your account be suggested to many of the organic users thus being like by them, it will seem your account has the organic likes and comments.

Spam Free

Although the likes and comments generated by these applications are not organic but still this application is spam-free.

It will never ask you for any of your personal information besides the necessary one. The likes and comments generated by this application never cause a glitch in your Facebook account.


If you are wondering how this application works let us quickly tell you the mechanism of this application, all you have to do is to get your Facebook account registered through this application.

On single click it will generate hundreds of the like and comments for your account will be directly added to your real Facebook account.

Once you are done with generating the auto likes you get directly to check on your real Facebook application and within few days you will probably notice the growth of your Facebook account.


The usage of this application is quite clean and easy to use. Its interface is quite understandable on first-time usage too. New Users will never feel difficulty while using it.


Although this application is quite easy to use and to generate auto likes on Facebook it is quite popular but keep one thing in your mind do not open this application, again and again, to generate the auto likes in your account.

Because the AI of Facebook is quite intelligent and it will catch you for generating the auto likes and maybe block your account so do open this application for likes but with a proper gap of time. Besides this, there will be no privacy issue regarding this application.


In this tough competition of growing Facebook account, this is although quite difficult to get the organic likes and comments of social media account. So in this tough competition, Pubiwayliker is still a hope to get desired likes and to grow the Facebook account.