Puffin TV Browser Mod

Android TVs are everywhere. Now people have replaced their old school televisions with the all-new smart android TVs. The advantage of using them is that you can use the internet on these kinds of TVs. The Puffin TV Browser Mod Apk is a browser designed for android television sets for surfing the internet.

The Puffin TV Mod Apk

The Puffin TV Mod Apk

The Puffin TV Mod Apk is a communication app that has been designed for Android Television sets and Set-Up-Boxes. The app makes sure that you get the best user experience on your TV while surfing the internet.

Now there are native browsers that come with these TVs and also there are other different web browsers also which do the same job as this app. But the difference that this app makes is that it has a very fast and flash speed of working.

You can watch different movies, listen to different music watch different shows at high speed using this browser. The app design is also very simple and easy to use with an Android TV set.

The video playback that you will get with this app is much better than the playback speed that you get with other apps of its kind. This Puffin TV Browser Mod Apk Is a complete package when it comes to providing a user-friendly web experience.

Additional Information

Varies with device
Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 21 March 2023
Category Tools
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This Puffin TV Browser Mod Apk is a third-party application that you can download to your android TV set from the internet and then you can use it. If you are fed up having slow video playback speeds and slow surfing, then you can switch to this browser from your regular TV browser.

All the things that are done on a regular native web browser can be done on this app but with high speeds. You don’t have to wait too long for a page to load. You have the option to watch movies at a much faster rate and can browse and surf the internet on your TV without waiting too long for the page to load.


puffin tv browser mod apk

puffin tv browser mod apk

I am going to list down the major and notable features of the Puffin TV Browser Mod Apk in the below text. So have a look at them before downloading the application.

Round TV Browser

This application is an all-around TV browser that has been specifically designed for Android TV. You can do everything on this browser that you do on your regular browser. All the movies can be watched on this app different news and articles can be explored in this app with ease.

Fast Playback Speeds

The best thing about this TV browser is that the playback speeds that you get with this app on your video are very much faster as compared to all of the native and default web browsers.

Fast Page Loading

The problem with the native TV web browsers is that the loading speed of their pages is very much high and you have to face a little delay when loading a page. Luckily this browser has no such problem and the loading speed of the pages that you get with this app is very fast.

Complete Web Browsing Experience

With this app, you will get a complete web browsing experience on your Android TVs. You can do whatever you want with this app regarding surfing over the internet on your Android TV sets.


If you were fed up with the slow web browsing and slow playback rates of your native TV web browsers, then you should immediately download this Puffin TV Browser Mod Apk and shift to it. You will get a beautiful interface design and fast working speed.