If you are looking for any Android mobile phone tool that can be used to audit Wi-Fi networks and get their password he Reaver Apk is no doubt the tool to do so.

Reaver Apk

Reaver Apk

His application mainly uses to register new pins and recover pins of WPA/WPA2. And it is considered to be the best tool to robust and recover any Wi-Fi password easily and quickly.

The connection via the Reaver application is 100% secure and is safe for every android device you want to install it for. You will never have to worry about the privacy concern of this application.

There are so many other applications to crack into the password of Wi-Fi but still, Reaver Apk is considered to be the best one with all amazing features.

Additional Information

Name Reaver
Ratings 4+
Android 4 and Above
Updated on 16 March 2023
Cost Free
Offered by Bcmon
Category Tools
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Flawless Design

It also provides a flawless design that users with no skills will be using this application with much ease and convenience.

This application is very easy to use with a very basic interface so people with less tech knowledge and skill will easily work over the interface of this application.

Enable/Disable Features

The enabling of detection of access points and the robust features haven’t been so easy you can enable and disable these features quickly.

Detect Access-Points

This application will easily detect a wide range of access points available. And will easily robust into the password of all access points.

Identify Password

This application will not provide any tough time while working on the identification of the Wi-Fi password.


The basic requirement of this application to be supported over any android device is only the android operating system with version 2.0 and above.

This feature clearly shows how cool is this application that besides providing the best features it is still supported over a very basic android operating system version.

So for this application, you will never be required to have any high-end expensive android device but it will help you on a very simple operating system too.

Under Development

Keep one thing in mind this application is still under the beta version process, so there are higher chances of changes in the application with the passing time.

So before the official release of this application, you might get experience different changes in the interface and features of this application but that is completely fine. Because until its official release it will go through further changes.


As sometimes users found it quite confusing to trust applications that directly deal with the wifi and internet connection provided to the device. Because there are higher chances of getting scammed by those applications.

But in the case of reaver trust, it is complete as it is designated to provide you a safe and secure interface while robustly into your internet.


In a nutshell, Reaver Apk is no doubt the best competitor among the rest of the competitors. It will surely provide the best and easy robust upon any Wi-Fi.