Roehsoft Ram Expander

If you work a lot on your device and keep a lot of your data and cannot handle every time to swap and remove data from your device, here we with the best solution to this problem. Roehsoft RAM Expander Apk is the solution regarding all RAM issues in mobile devices.

roehsoft ram expander apk

Roehsoft Ram Expander Apk

This application is designed to boost up the RAM’s performance in any android phone, boosting up the RAM will let users use their phone more efficiently.

Additional Information

Size 6 MB
Offered by Addiction Apps
Version 3.78
Requirement Android 4.0 and above
Price Free
Downloads 1000000+
Category Tools
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Battery Optimization

Not only boosting this device is liked up with the optimization of the system’s battery, but it will also kill all those applications that are consuming a lot of the system’s battery and thus making your system drain all power and die soon.

This application will solve out all battery drainage problems regarding your device thus increasing the system’s performance.

CPU Information

This application will not be bound to only check battery issues and increase the system’s performance but it will keep updating you about CPU information, if your device will hang it will show up the reasons.

Improves Performance

This application will not only show you the device’s issue but it will show you the ways to improve your device performance you will be using this application as your support to speed up your device’s performance.

Background Files

By killing the background application this application will help you utilize the active portion of RAM in your device, thus by so you will use your phone in a better way and more efficiently.

Increase speeds

By killing all background applications with this application will boost up your device’s speed for better performance.


Also working in this application will not require any prior knowledge by the users, it will provide the most simple interface ever so the user will be comfortable while working on it,

Games Booster

This application also assists users to boost their device for games, as some games mostly played on android occupies large space of memory and usually bother users for memory and device lagging issue, this application will cover up all those issues.

Hanging Problem

As mentioned above this application will remove all hanging problems of the device, if you have a lot of data on your phone and it seems quite difficult for you to delete them all, but a large amount of data is making your device slow.

You can use this application to remove the hanging issue of your device without deleting the bulk of your important data.

RAM Cleaner

Roehsoft RAM Expander Apkwill also clean up all junk and cache data from the Ram to make it free and available to the user for its better use.

As some time many junk files take over the Ram and makes it overloaded with unnecessary data but this application will help to remove junk files from RAM.

System’s Information

Besides showing CPU performance this application will show you the rest of the details of the device too. Like which application is occupying the memory most and which one is draining more battery.


Roehsoft RAM Expander Apk is no doubt best for those users who think they have to store a large amount of data on their device so instead of removing and swapping data all the time, you can use this application to boost up your device.

By boosting your device you will experience your device as brand new without any lag issue you will enjoy every feature of your device.