Sketchware Pro

 Don’t know anything about coding but still want to make android apps? Don’t worry as we have covered you here. The Sketchware Pro Apk is a great app that allows you to make android applications on your phone and that too without knowing how to code.

Sketchware Pro Apk

Sketchware Pro Apk

Sketchware is an app or you can say that it is an IDE according to the type of work it does. It has incorporated the concept of block language in it which makes it easier to make apps by just doing and dragging and dropping items on your screen.

With this app, you can learn android app development with block programming very easily. All you need to do is to drag and drop certain things on the screen to make an app. Just like Appy Pie You can make apps on your phone and launch them directly.

As the Sketchware Pro Apk is compatible with the Android Studio, when you are done with creating your app with this application, you can import it into your PC’s Android Studio, and all of your blocked code will be converted into real code and you can further work from there.

Additional Information

Version v6.4.15
Size 75 MB
Required Android 4.4
Installs 100000+
Ratings 4+
Updated on 26 February 2024
Category Tools
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



The concept behind this Sketchware Pro Apk is that it converts any type of text-based code into blocked code and blocked code as you all know is simply drag and drop.

If you don’t know to program the block coding is for you and to get you started this app provides a complete walk-through and documentation of block programming in detail which will help you in creating your android apps in minutes.

The app also lets you integrate all of the external libraries that you need. Other than that you can modify your java or XML code with the help of block programming in this app.


Sketchware Pro Apk

Sketchware Pro Apk

There are a lot of amazing features of this Sketchware Pro Apk. I will be discussing some of them in the below article.

Ready-Made Blocked Modules

The app has all of the ready-made useful blocked modules that you will need for any application that you want to make. This makes things even easier and the majority of the work is already done you just have to drag them together on the screen and adjust them according to your requirements.

Tons Of Libraries

The app also has a lot of libraries that you may need while making your Android application. If you do not find the library that you want, you can add your library to this app very easily.

Android Studio Compatibility

If you are someone who knows to code and just wants a start then this app is also compatible with Android Studio. In this case, you can make the initial app by dragging and dropping in this app, and after that, you can import the app to Android Studio and continue your work from there. The blocked code will automatically be converted into XML and java.

Conversion Of XML And Java

If you have code of your app project in Java and XML and you want to work with it in this app and do not want to start from scratch, then this app will simply convert your XML and Java code to its blocked code. And after that, you can work on it with this visual IDE.


This is a great app to make an Android application without knowing anything about the coding itself. The Sketchware Pro Apk will make life easier for you even if you are a coder and you can do the majority of the app development in this app and move it to Android Studio easily for complex tasks.