Smart Launcher 3 Pro

Every smartphone has its own Android operating system and there is always much difference in the operating system of mobile phones. Being stick to one android phone later causes difficulty while using other.

Smart Launcher 3 Pro Apk

Smart Launcher 3 Pro Apk

And sometimes keeping so much stuff on the wallpaper screen makes the phone quite untidy and people need to have an easy launcher for their phone who can control them all.

Smart Launcher 3 Pro Apk is the solution to all those problems. You can make your phone a lot tidy with this launcher. It will free up all space from your wallpaper and will give you easy access to the application is your phone.

Having a launcher in your phone will control over all features and d applications of your phone thus making it a lot easier r for you to have access overall.

Additional Information

Name Smart Launcher 3 Pro
Size 12 MB
Ratings 4.4
Total Downloads 10 M+
Updated on 13 February 2024
Offered by Smart Launcher Team
Category Tools
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Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3

Application Sorting

Sometimes it really feels quite hectic to sort all applications in mobile hone according to their usage. For instance, keeping all social media applications in one place in one folder is quite difficult every time.

But with Smart Launcher 3 Pro Apk has because quite easier now, right after the installation of this supplication it will keep all of your same category application in one folder.

Theme Color

Every time you will change the color of your wallpaper from the library this launcher will adopt all of its colors and will change according to the color of the wallpaper.


This theme is designed in such a way that most of the features of the phone will be kept at the bottom screen thus making it quite accessible for users to use all of its features even with one hand.

Even some phones come with the same features to be accessible to users with one hand if they are carrying something in another hand, but if your phone does not have this feature you can install this launcher to use these features.


This launcher has a huge list of wallpapers library you can directly access HD wallpaper right from its launcher it also backup wallpaper photos of you.

And if you want to add your own photo in the library of this launcher you can do it too and later can pin any of the wallpaper if you really like the wallpaper.


This launcher gives much protection to your applications too besides protection over the screen saver this will allow you to protect your application separately with a unique password so you will not be asked to install any application protection separately on your phone it will protect your applications too.

Also, the password set on the screen will be different from the password set for the applications thus it increases its security also.

Also without downloading any extra plugins this application will make your easy access over the notifications of the phone,

This launcher also supports over-weather fidgets and the time and alarm too. Every fidget will be changed according to the launcher theme and the color of it too.


If you are wandering this launcher will give you a completely new interface and you will surely be going to get confused o its first-time use then it’s just a miss conception this launcher has a very basic design and gesture control.

No doubt this launcher takes over android phone and gives everything in a tidier manner thus making your access to the applications more easily.