If you are looking for any Modded version of Snapchat then give once a try to Snapchat++ Apk. This version of Snapchat has been well developed to unlock and cross all the limits users were facing in Snapchat. It is available for both Android and IOS/iPhone devices.

Snapchat++ Apk

Snapchat++ Apk

Snapchat++ application is not only the go-to application but has put end to the boredom of social media lovers. This application is very unique and does not provide extra functionality for the sake of security concerns.

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Updated on 13 February 2024
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Snapchat Plus Plus

Download Everything

With this version of Snapchat, you can directly save the picture, video, boomerang directly into your phone storage or in the gallery of the phone.

Mute Stories

If you do not want to see the status or post of your friend you can simply muter his stories, or can see him later in his absence.

Here one trick that will work for you is that mute the status of your friend and watch the story later by turning off the data this will never make your name visible in the list of people who have seen the status.

Holding Gesture

It is every time difficult to watch the status. Every time user has to hold the screen of the mobile if he wants to keenly watch the picture but it has become easier to watch the stories by disabling the hold gesture.


Your pictures can be auto-saved if you have enabled the feature of auto-saving from the settings. Otherwise, you have to click the save icon every time after taking the picture or video.


This version of Snapchat allows you to use the paintbrush over the screen. You can write and draw anything later on the picture with the paintbrush tool.

Upload photos

You will be able to upload your saved pictures directly from the gallery and you can even share the picture on any social media platform from this application too.

Media Security

Your data will be saved from the third eye. You can set any password or pattern over your pictures and videos and those videos will not be shown in the gallery too.


You can chat with your friends through text messages by simply swiping left on the screen. You can share your stories with your friends through Snapchat.

In technical terms, you can send them streaks of everything you like to.

Social Circle

You can add new friends on Snapchat either from the contacts you have on your phone or by searching them through their user name.

Your friends of friends will be suggested to you which you can add later if you want to groom your social circle.

Snap Mapping

Sharing of your location has got much popularity on every social media platform. Snap map is one of the most interesting features in which snap chat allows you to send your location with any friend.

Cloud Storage

No need to buy an external memory card if you are running out of storage on your phone. This version of Snapchat also comes with cloud storage.


You can share your stories which will be visible for only 24 hours. More so Snapchat and every version of Snapchat does not allow to take the screenshot.

If anyone does so Snapchat will notify you. So security is its main concern

Caption with filters

Write the best caption with your pictures and videos to make your post more attractive. Text in the caption can be edit later in any format and style.

Photo editing

This version of Snapchat also allows you to crop and edit your pictures. Which you can later share in your inbox or can upload on the story too.

Permission Requires

For the Modded version of any application, users show much security concern as they think the Modded version is not safe.

But trust us Snapchat and all its Modded version are safe to download over the phone.

Some of the permission required by this application is.

  • Audio settings
  • Control vibration
  • Access for Bluetooth devices
  • Take pictures
  • Record videos
  • Record audio
  • Internet
  • Network connections
  • Access for Wi-Fi
  • flashlight
  • Network access

Available for IOS Too

Snapchat is not only available for android but also for iOS too. Filters will be auto-updated on daily basis.


After reading the article there will be no doubt about this application and as far as security concerns are considered they have been cleared.

But if we talk about the functionalities this application has loads of features as compared to the original version of Snapchat.


Q: What is the difference between Snapchat and Snapchat Plus Plus?

There is a little bit difference between both. First of all Snapchat Plus Plus is a Modded version. So it has many unlock features of Snapchat.

In short, it can be considered as the superset having all the fun, features of Snapchat itself and extra features too.

Q: Is it safe to use Snapchat Plus Plus?

Yes, is safe to use