Soundwire Pro

If you are a music lover and want to share the music you like from any device no matter the PC, laptop, or any other mobile device to your ones. And cannot do so by simply sharing through Bluetooth.

Then for sure, Soundwire Pro Apk will let you stream your liked music or audio that you are streaming from your PC no matter Windows or Linux based on your Android mobile devices.

Soundwire Pro Apk

Soundwire Pro Apk

This application can be very helpful in those moments when you are lacking any audio speakers and want to stream your music to multiple users. Then you can do it easily by sharing that music or audio to 10 users approximately by Soundwire Pro application.

This small size application is considered as one the best application of the modern world so far because of the logic on which this application is based.

Additional Information

Name Soundwire Pro Apk
Size 3.5 MB
Ratings 4.4
Downloads 1 M+
Version 3.1
Updated on 13 February 2024
Category Tools
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Soundwire Premium

Soundwire Premium

Remote Speaker

If you are lacking any physical cable to connect any device to a speaker then there Soundwire Pro can help you easily be connected to any remote speaker or wireless headphones

Stream Music

You can stream your music from any of your devices from home that is the PC, laptop, laptop directly into the mobile device.

Wireless Extension

This application can also wireless extension of live audio from PC based music system.

Audio Cast

TheSoundwire Premium Apk does audio mirroring which can simply be understood by the term audio casting. In which you can use any music in any player on a laptop or PC like YouTube, Spotify, or iTunes and can stream that music using the WIFI directly onto your mobile device.

 Audio Compression

TheSoundwire enables audio compression up to an unlimited extinct, it can handle up to 10 device connections at the same time. Along with that, it has no ads or any sort of interruptions

Low latency

 The Latency rate for Soundwire is very low that means the audio delay, which means it can even be used to listen to the soundtrack of a movie or YouTube video while you watch

Point to Ponder

To maintain the low latency make sure you must adjust the buffer size in the Soundwire Apk settings.

Sound Quality

Sound quality will not be disturbed in audio casting or mirroring. It will provide excellent sound quality that is the 44.1 / 48 kHz stereo.

User Friendly

After reading the well of features of this application you might be thinking that this application will be quite tricky to use but that is just a misconception.

This application is very easy to use and maintain that even a person with low technical skill will be capable of doing the changes in it.

Direct Saving

One of the intelligent features of this application is the direct saving of the audio. No matter you are audio casting from any of your devices you can save that audio directly onto your mobile phone. SO save everything you hear and like.

How to Use Soundwire Pro?

Now the question arises how to use Soundwire Apk? You need to install the SoundWire server on the other device that is your computer or laptop which will be the source of music, audio streaming, or other audios and sounds.

After that do some manual changes in the server application on your PC or laptop and make the connection of your android phone with your PC or laptop.


Some of the basic permissions required by this application are as follows.

  • Network access.
  • Phone status
  • Prevent phone from sleeping
  • Record audio/microphone


As far as this Soundwire Pro Apk is concerned this is a versatile and powerful application for the user who is fond of music.

With this single application, you can make the connection up to multiple devices just by doing the changes manually.

This application can do a lot for you if you get to know about the usage of this application. Long story short this application is worth downloading.

Long story short this application can be the one-stop solution to the problem of any person who always wants to do music live streaming.


Q: Is Soundwire is free of cost?

Yes, this application is free of cost to download

Q: Can we do an audio cast from PC to PC?

Yes, no matter on which device you are streaming the audio you can do an audio cast from any device.