Talkatone Premium

Although there are so many other ways to connect with your loved ones living abroad and out of the states, every method is not convenient and safe.

Talkatone Premium Apk

Talkatone Premium Apk

You have to switch to another method while getting in touch with your loved ones as every country has its own rules and allowed applications.

Talkatone Premium Apk will let you connect with your loved ones through ut the globe without switching your phone number or the application.

This application has a lot of versatile features that will surely get you in. Free text messages, free calls, and picture sharing have not been so easy ever.

So without any data plans, you can switch even to your Wi-Fi to make the connection with your contact all over the world.

Additional Information

Name Talkatone
Published by Talkatone LLC.
Rating 4.2
Cost Free
Application Size 24 MB
Updated on 29 March 2023
Category Games
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Phone Number

Talkatone Premium Apk will use your phone number to make your registration with this application.

You will not be asked to get into this application using any of your google account or any other way, you can use your number to make your registration with this application.

Contacts Visibility

Your contact saved on your phone will be visible in the contact list if they will be using Talkatone Premium too.

So every time you will not be asked to save your contact individually onto your application, without any hassle of contact saving you will get access to your contacts using this application.

Free Calls

You will make free phone calls to your contacts once you get into this application as it will also allow you to switch to WIFI automatically when you will not having any data plans too.

So there will be no restriction over the use of a data plan every time, your connection will be switched to the available internet mean.

Free Messages

Send a free text message to your loved ones without being charges for that. This free calls and text messages feature is found in only a few applications and Talkatone Premium is one of them.

Burn Feature

If you want to change your number directly from the Talkatone Premium Apk, click on the setting of the application and tap on the burn feature it will allow your phone number once in life. Then start calling and texting directly with the new number.

Group Texting

One of the amazing features of this application is group texting you can send text messages and can make calls with your contacts in groups.

US Number

Although this application is supported throughout the world this application provides free hand to US and Canadian users. You can also get free Canadian and US numbers once in life using its burn feature as mentioned above too.

Android Support

This application supports Android version 4.4 and above. The only requirement to install this application is to have android version 4.4 and above. Devices having an android version less than this version will not be compatible with this application.


Also, this application is free of cost to install on your devices along it provides you ease to make phone calls and send text messages free of cost from anywhere in the world.


Talkatone Premium Apk is no doubt the best and free communication application that has been designed for users to get in touch with their loved ones.

One of the most mesmerizing features that this application provides you is its free availability for every user to use its all features.