Tasker Pro

No doubt the smartphone has been the most revolutionary invention of all time. But still, it is not self-automated yet and always needs to automate by the user.

Tasker Pro Apk

Tasker Pro Apk

Tasker Pro Apk has added the feature of self-automation to smartphones. As technology is moving towards the fifth generation and it is no more dependent upon human interaction. The same is the case with smartphones.

With the Tasker application, it does not need to be automated by the user. A user will need to automate the smartphone only once later on the smartphone will work upon its automated functionalities.

With lots of automated features, this application is being adored by the new and old users every day. Its rating of 4.5 stars shows how well developed this application is.

Additional Information

Name Tasker Pro
Ratings 4.5
Size 6 MB
Total Downloads 1 M+
Updated on 16 March 2023
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Tasker Pro

Tasker Pro


No more hassle to automate your phone manually to increase the volume of the phone whenever you will leave your house. Because your phone can do it for you now. It will turn on the volume of your phone whenever you will leave your house.

Change Events

Along with turning up the volume, there will be more than 130 states and events that will be controlled by your phone itself. From setting up the brightness to changing the track being played on the phone Tasker mobile application will do it for you.

Change States

Tasker Pro Apk does not only deal with changing the event of the mobile phone when required, but it also controls the events as per the states. It means you can set up the feature of enhancing the brightness after 7’o clock in the morning.

Events will be changed as per the state of the device, like using a phone for more than a specified time can make you remind to stop using it.

Change Action

Along with the events and states you can set the pre-defined actions now like setting up the messages timings, notification timings, setting up the dark mode, etc.

Changing action will allow you to set up the time whenever you want to trigger any action. You can set the timings of setting the dark mode on the screen automatically without giving any warning or notification message to the user.

No Root

Although this application will take control over the entire automatic features of the smartphone still it will never require any root of the device.

Once you will install this application it will immediately take over the control of your phone without any phone’s root requirement.


You can control the gestures and triggers of the phone by pressing and setting the buttons over your phone. Like the long press, the volume or media button will do much more.

All you need to do is to set up the triggers regarding the button. On a single tap, it will generally trigger action at once.


If you want to automate your phone without your interaction to perform all those actions that you need to double-check on daily basis then we highly recommend you personally install Tasker Pro Apk.

This application is not only meant to perform the pre-saved actions but it does generate many trigger warnings so to make sure the use of the phone is minimal.

For the sake of try give this application a try once you will surely get addicted to it with all of its top and rich features.