One of the great applications to try if you want good taste in music. Most of all Tidal Mod Apk will not charge you any subscription fee too. Because we are providing Premium version free

Tidal Mod Apk

Tidal Mod Apk

Have access to music and entertainment without paying any subscription charges. Hence this application is no doubt one of the best music playing applications for iPhone users so far.

It provides awesome and good quality music. It has made life easier that is instead of going for multiple applications this application can serve many at the same time.

Additional Information

Name Tidal
Size 13 MB
Developed by Tidal
Updated 20 March 2023
Version 2.35.3
Cost Free
Category Tools
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Tidal Premium

Tidal Premium

The main highlights of Tidal Mod Apk are mentioned below.

Favorite Playlist

Play your favorite genre on repeat by controlling background noises. You can set up your playlist from the most favorite articles or if you want to create multiple playlists you can do so.

You will have full control over the music of your phone, play it according to the mood.  There will be endless possibilities.


Along with this listen there is a possibility to listen to live music too from all around the world. Live music podcasts will let you listen to newly released music too.

So now you don’t have to wait long for long to have access to newly released music you will get that music at once through the live podcast.

The live podcast cannot be only used for listening to music from all around the world but it can be used to listen to news from all around the world.

Live Radio

Podcasts will also let you have access to the current scenarios of the world and to get to know about what is happening around you.

Live radio stations is another it’s one of the main advantages, join any radio live stream. You will not be bound to any geographical location.

Regardless of your geographic location, you will have access to the content from all over the world. Join any live stream of the radio or select any channel and enjoy the music.


Keep listening to several songs without getting bored, this application has dedicated radio stations that will provide you music every single second.

Now you don’t have to wait for any specific radio station to play your favorite playlist when you have a lot of options.

Sports News

This application has some devotion for sports channels too. Without any, subscriptions check on daily updates of sports channels too.

No matter if you like hip-hop, classic, or any other music every taste of music will be under one tap. You will never miss any update of music too.

Along with that download, your favorite podcast show too. If you like any show being podcasted directly download it for later watch.

Without getting bored and paying any subscription fee this application will provide you variety of music. Even though by sitting in a home you will have access to a large range of music too,

Along with it listen to your genre created and make your playlist. Also, search for your favorite songs or discover the music of your taste too.

You can search the music by typing the person’s name whom music you like to listen to and discover the music of your taste too.

Using Tidal Apk you can download music that is not available anywhere else too. Along with that on its podcast, you can upload your music too.


From all of the above-mentioned features, it is clear how worth downloading this application is. Like you can do multiple tasks from this single application. This single application will serve you for many applications. This versatile application is no doubt the best one if you have good taste in music too.

This application will not make you bond to a single category but will give you free hand to choose the music of your own choice.

Along with it, this application doesn’t charge any subscription charges. But it does cost you some negotiable amount for adding multiple channels. Well, that small amount is also negotiable and is in some penny.


Q: Is the Tidal application is available on the google play store?

Yes, it is available on the google play store.

Q: Can we download the Tidal application on an android device?

Yes, you can do it’s another version is available for android users too