Tiktok Pro

TikTok one of the top trending applications on the Google Play Store so far. And almost every 4th person in this world must have installed TikTok on his phone. This application has 1 Billion active users right now in the world.

Tiktok Pro Apk

Tiktok Pro Apk

But in some countries due to privacy issues with china they have banned this application. Because this application was originally developed in China. But people in countries that have banned TikTok want to use TikTok again.

And they wonder how they can do it again. That is why developers came up with the idea of TikTok Pro Apk. This application helps users who are facing the ban of TikTok in their area and country use and make TikTok videos as they use to do before the ban of TikTok.

This application provides every feature that one can use on an official version of TikTok. The user can register himself for the first time too if he hasn’t had a TikTok account.

Additional Information

Name Tiktok Pro
Size 90.66 MB
Developers Tiktok. inc
Updated on 14 February 2023
Required Android 4.1 and above
Ratings 4+
Category Tools
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Tiktok Pro

Tiktok Pro

If you are thinking that there will be fewer features in TikTok Pro Apk than that in official TikTok then you are wrong. This application is a complete clone of TikTok which is the official one. It has all those features that one can get in the official one.

So the features you will find in this application will same as that of the official one. But still, we have mentioned the top features for the users who haven’t used TikTok so far.

Record Video

Record your video by selecting any background sound. You cannot only record but will edit the videos at the same time.

Video Editing



Edit prerecorded videos with many filters and transitions. You add background sound while editing too.

Save Sounds

Save the sounds of the videos no matter which length. If you like the background sound of anyone’s video you can save that sound to later make videos on that sound.


Apply filters in videos and pictures. You can merge pictures to make new videos and merge pictures with videos too.


Add emojis to the videos and pictures. You can add current time and location in emojis along with living animated emojis.


Share your videos with followers you have on your account. Or save that video privately if you do not want to share it with the public.

Save Videos

If you like the video of any content creator out there on TikTok you can save their videos directly into a gallery and can share that video with your friends via WhatsApp, Messenger, and any other social media application.


Get as likes and followers as many you can by uploading quality content to your profile to get more fame. Although you will not earn anything from getting followers it will let you notice brands that will surely contact you to sell their products.


Ok, you might be thinking about how this application help does help users to use TikTok again although it is banned in their country.

There are a few points to be noted regarding the installation of TikTok Pro. You will need 2 more applications along with this that is the virtual space and any VPN mobile application.

Open virtual space application and VPN and TikTok Pro to this application. Virtual space applications will make the clone of these two applications and now open the TikTok Pro with VPN.

Actually what will happen there is that VPN will change your current location and will make your link with the server by showing the fake IP and location. In this way, you will easily access TikTok again.

What’s New?

  • Explore the latest video effects

Watch Video


This is one of the top-rated applications and has the most active users right now throughout the world. So this doesn’t need any more verdict about its features and popularity.

But as far as its ban is considered across different countries Tiktok ProApk can help in that situation. If you are facing a TikTok ban situation in your country then you should give this application a try least.


Q: How to unban TikTok?

In the banned situation, you can install Tiktok Pro instead of the official TikTok and later open this application using VPN. This will let you enjoy all features and tools of TikTok officially.

Q: How can we install the Tiktok Pro application?

Click on the mentioned link above it will directly install your application. But make sure to install any VPN along with this application too.