Turbo Bomber

Once there was a time when people used to sit and play together. While enjoying people used to tease each other and that was so fun.

Turbo Bomber

Turbo Bomber

So, what if now you want o to tease any of your friends virtually? Because people nowadays are much busy in their lives and they only use the online social application to be in touch with their loved ones.

Turbo Bomber is an android mobile application specially designed to meet the requirement of users who want to tease each other. In a single touch, you can tease your friends by sending 1000+ messages to any of your friends.

Additional Information

Version Latest
Developers UditKarode
Updated On 13 February 2024
Size 6 MB
Android 3.0 and Above
Cost Free
Category Tools
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Turbo Bomber

Turbo Bomber

This application is based on a simple idea. It is quite fun using this application as it allows you to tease your friend right be sitting in your house.

On a single tap, you can send more than 1000 messages to your friend thus filling up their inbox. It can even lead towards the lag of their device which will be quite fun.

Multiple Contacts

Also, This application allows you to send 1000 + messages to more than one contact at the same time By doing so much of your time will be saved. Also sending these messages will be sent over without taking any time.

With a single click, you can send these messages to the required contact and it will not show up any loading process on your mobile device.

Set Counter

Although this application will not show up any progress bar-related messages to your contacts this application will show up on the countdown regarding the messages cunt.

You can check upon how many messages have been sent over to your required contacts. You can tap cancel whenever you want to.

By tapping the cancel button, the messages sent via countdown will be received by the users. In short, you can set the number of messages to be sent manually.


Although this application provides a very unique idea and is based on unique modules. Still, it does not cost a single penny over the installation to the usage of its features. This application is freely available to its users.

UI Design

It has a very basic UI designed which meets the requirement of beginners too, Which means the person using this application for the first time will be capable of using this application without any difficulty.

Contact Selection

It is easy to select the contacts over this application. You can tap over any required contacts you want to. The selection of multiple contacts is such an easy task that you can tap multiple contacts and can send bundles of messages at once.


Although this is quite fun to use this application to enjoy and have fun but keep in mind there is a legally licensed over this application. It is considered to be illegal to use such applications.


As mentioned these types of applications are not considered to be legal and are not considered to be in ethical values, but you will never find any single negative review regarding this application.

Besides the bitter truth that this application is not legal still, it has never shown any negative reviews from its regular users.


Turbo Bomberis no doubt the better way of having fun with your friends virtually. Also, you do not have to do much all you need to do is to tap the contact you want to tease and tap send button over this application.

Keeping the truth of being illegal if we talk about the reviews of users, yes it does meet the requirements of the users and is really adored by the users.