YouTube Red 100% Working

Although there is a lot of social media platform available on the google play store. But one of the most adored social media platforms for the user who loves to watch the online video is YouTube Red Apk.

Youtube Red Apk

Youtube Red Apk

With YouTube Red Mod Apk, you can watch any sort of video all over the world. You can follow the creator whose videos you like the most and can be easily connected to them.

This social media platform is designed to watch videos you cannot chat with your friends because the main idea of this social media platform is to watch videos from the entire globe.

This application has lots of features on one platform which we will describe step by step. But keep in mind that whenever you will open the play store you will see some of the best social media platforms on trending and YouTube Red is one of those.


Youtube Red Pro is now working fully. We have removed error 400. Just download the apk below.


If you are having an “Update Error” Kindly uninstall the older version and install the new version from It will work properly. Thanks.

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Youtube Red

Youtube Red

Some of the features are mentioned below.

Watch videos

You can watch any type of video no matter study, entertainment, movies, and even news. This lets you be connected with the rest of the world through videos. You can get all this using another YouTube app called Youtube Pink.

Live stream

You can also join the live-stream videos on YouTube Red, if there is any incident that happened and you want to check the live update then YouTube Red will let you do so.


You will meet hundreds of content creators throughout the world some of them might be extraordinary. You can subscribe to their channel just in case you want to be connected to them every second.


One of the most amazing features of YouTube Reddue to which it is being liked the most is the income you can generate from this application.

If you think you have a talent that other people might adore then you can upload your creativity in the form of videos on your channel. If you get enough audience it may lead to starting your small-scale online business.

Video Analysis

There are many options to check into the success rate of video uploaded by you or any other creators. There will be like, dislike button. If you like the video you can help the creator by liking the video.

Or if someone is uploading cringe videos and you do not want to see them anymore you can dislike those videos.


Sharing videos from YouTube Red hasn’t been easy as with the updating. You can share videos you liked on YouTube Red on any other social media account.

All you have to do is to click on the share icon this will generate a dialogue box whether you want to copy the link of the video or direct want to share the video on any social media account.


If you like any video and want to save that video for later. You can directly download that video too. All you have to do is to click on the downloading option. This will start the downloading of the video.

There is one point to be kept in mind downloaded videos will not be saved in the gallery of your phone. Videos will be saved in the library of YouTube only.

Full-Length Videos

Sometimes you might find the entire movie on this application so there is nothing to be worried about getting a subscription for Netflix as you can watch them on this.


YouTube Red Apk will be connected to the Google account you have on your phone. This will ask for only the email address and password. And once you sign it will never ask for any other personal information.

Watch Later

There is another feature of YouTube Red that you can add any video you like in the watch later list. You have to click on the Watch Later icon and the video will be added to the Watch Later list. But keep in mind this feature will require an internet connection to watch the video later.


This works on the algorithm. It will suggest to you the videos of your interest only. It will keep a check on the quality of content you like the most and will suggest the quality of videos in the future.

Black theme

The interface was already well-developed and was very easy for the users to use. But with the recent update, there is another theme added in is the black theme.

Snooze Time

You can even set a specific amount of time to watch videos, you can set an alarm from the settings of the application that will let you remember if you exceed the usage of YouTube time you have set before.

Multiple Language Subtitles

In the normal or free version of YouTube, you will get subtitles in only one language i.e., English. But believe me in this red version of YouTube you will get subtitles in 50 different languages. This is quite amazing from this version of youtube.

Video Quality

YouTube Red allows you to change the quality of your videos. This option can be very helpful when you are using mobile data. In this situation, you can set the low resolution of your videos. Later when using wifi you can revert back the quality of the video to full HD.

What’s New

  • All the errors have been removed
  • Error 400 is no more in the pro version
  • The Pro version has better performance.

Youtube Red Pro Review By

Almost a month before there was an error in this version of YouTube (Error 400). Now we have updated this version and it’s working fine. As we manually test each and every app for our users to give our users maximum benefits. Thus is the only website that is given a fully working version of this Red YouTube.


youtube red

youtube red

YouTube Red Apk is no doubt the best version of YouTube that is ads-free. With this application, some of the videos can be played in offline mode too.