YouTubers Life

As far as new fields are concerned everyone wants to learn that particular field of interest through simulations. Nowadays every field has simulation-based training. As many peoples are crazy about YouTube and want to join YouTube as their career.

YouTubers Life Apk

YouTubers Life Apk

But they always feel difficult to completely understand the environment of YouTube that how they can grow their career on YouTube. Feeling the need for the new Youtubers many YouTube learning simulation games have been developed and Youtubers Life Apk is one of them.

This simulation-based game can let them be more consecutive in uploading videos. This simulation game will guide them completely about the YouTube environment but in animation. Users will be able to earn the reward from the completion of tasks. Which they can use later in purchasing items like a wardrobe.

This game will help you to learn time management as an influencer. Because to become popular on YouTube consistency in uploading videos matter a lot.

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Updated on 13 February 2024
Released on 18 May 2017
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YouTubers Life mod

YouTubers Life mod


For simulation-based games lover, this game is going to be perfect. Here we have mentioned some of the top features this game provides so.


You can go shopping and buy many products like cosmetics, wardrobe, and accessories for your avatar.


You can customize your avatar by changing its appearance, you can get the wardrobe of your avatar from the purchasing. You can even change the physical appearance of your Avatar too.


Vlog your daily life and share with your friends. Recording vlog will let you learn about vlogging. Daily vlogging will let you get more fame in your followers.


Edit and share your videos through the studio you have. You will be able to edit the recorded vlog or any video you want to upload on your channel.

Become Billionaire

You can live a life of a billionaire by collecting resources and rewards from the YouTube channel you have created as an avatar in simulation.


Become a part of parties and enjoy. You can love every moment as a YouTuber in this simulation-based game.

Join Friends

You can join your friends, you can watch your friend’s field of interest. It will help you in getting information about the top trending celebrity. So you can follow them too to learn how they groomed and what are the tricks and tips they follow to grow.

Keep in mind before getting into YouTuber Life Apk you have to create your avatar but make sure not to waste a lot of money on the avatar and in buying irrelevant stuff. You can save money for later use.

Create a channel

YouTubers Life

YouTubers Life

Creating a YouTube channel seems but it is not that easy. You have to learn the management of the usage of resources you have. That how can you save you resources for later.

Along with this on the YouTube channel, you may come across all kinds of comments they can be positive and mean too. So you are never ready to tackle those kinds of comments.

This simulation game will teach you step by step to tackle every situation you will face right after creating your own YouTube channel. Also, you can follow video tutorials in this game to get more and more followers and fame.

Some of the top interest channels you can create for you are mentioned below you can opt for any according to your interest.

Gaming channel.

This game will let you record your gameplay. You can buy consoles and PC for your gaming studio. If your interest is in gaming then the creation of a gaming channel in the simulation will let you earn more money and get more

Music Channel

Make the cover sounds of your favorite artist. If you are good at singing soon you will be able to perform in front of a huge audience. And you will conduct your concert.

Cooking Channel

If your taste in cooking is good and you have command over some recipes, then you can create a YouTube channel by doing so you can share your cooking videos and recipes with your audience.

Fashion Channel

If you are a fashionista, then create a channel that will let you spread your taste of fashion with others. You can share dress designing, dressing mix, and match, make-up tutorials, and product reviews with the audience.


Q: Is this YouTubers Life Apk game is free to download?

No, you have to pay some negotiable amount to download this game.

Q: Is this game is good for Youtubers?

Yes, it is, and for simulation-based game lovers, it is perfect.