Zedge Mod

Everyone nowadays has a smartphone in their possession. And we do a lot of things to make it look better from the outside. But when it comes to the inner customization of this device, we only rely on the system’s customization options which are honestly too much limited. So for that reason, I bring you today the Zedge Mod Apk.

Zedge Mod Apk

Zedge Mod Apk

The Zedge Premium Apk is a customization app with more than 30 million active users every month. This app gives you high-quality 4K wallpapers, ringtones, live wallpapers, etc.

The library of this application is very huge and you can get thousands of wallpapers under a single category.

With the Zedge app customizing your phone to its fullest is not even a hard task. Forget all of the limited options of customization that your phone has. Those same old 10 to 15 wallpapers and those boring system ringtones and alarm tones as Zedge are here to level up your customization game.

The UI of the application is very simple and interactive and everything is well organized under different categories. You can browse anything in this Zedge Mod Apk using the categories. You can either save the items direct to your device or use them with the in-app option.

Additional Information

Size 38M
Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 17 March 2023
Category Tools
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No hard and fast rule exists when working with the Zedge Mod Apk. It provides the best user experience. With many years into the market and a huge audience, this app knows what to do.

You can search for your desired item. May it is a wallpaper, or a sound that you want as a ringtone, alarm tone, notification, etc, you can download that on your device.

And what’s more, when downloading the item, the application asks you for what purpose you want to use this sound as, and it adds it to that folder also. So if you want to add it as a ringtone you don’t need to do it manually by searching it on the device. You can just do it using this app directly.


Zedge Mod Apk

Zedge Mod Apk

The features of the Zedge Mod Apk have been discussed below.


This application has tons of wallpapers that you can enjoy by applying them on your device. All of these wallpapers have been categorized into different groups so that you can browse and search them easily.

Live Wallpapers

The application also has different live wallpapers that you can download and apply. These live wallpapers will add a dynamic touch and look to your phone and you will feel great while using your mobile phone.


This application has different sounds that you can use as your ringtones. If your system has boring ringtones and you don’t like them, don’t worry and download this application as it will give you some cool ringtones.

Alarm Tones

If you want personalized alarm tones then this application can give you that. Thousands of sounds are available for you to use as your alarm tones. So next time you won’t sleep and turn off your alarm when you’ll hear your favorite alarm tone that you have set using this application.

Direct Download

Let me tell you that whichever tone or sound or wallpaper you like, you can download it directly to your phone and from there you can access it. Moreover, the application asks you if you want to set it as wallpaper or apply the sound as a ringtone during the download process so that you don’t have to set it manually.


Concluding the topic on this note that if you want to make your phone look cool and want some extra options regarding the wallpapers or ringtones, then download this Zedge Mod Apk. It has all it needs to make your phone look super cool.