Nitchi Ez

Playing the Ml game is a fun activity that many people do these days. It has some amazing scenes and options for the MOBA game lovers. But there are different items in the game that you have to purchase for real money. So for that reason, we have covered almost every hack tool for this game. But most of you people have concerns about using an external hack tool for your game. So today we are here with a model version of the MLBB game in the form of Nitchi Ez Apk.

Nitchi Ez Apk

Nitchi Ez Apk

There are too many cheat and hack tools available in the market for the MLBB game. Each one of them has a unique capability of providing you with premium features and items free of cost.

But the concern with using these types of tools is that your account might get banned while using these hacks. So this Nitchi Ez Apk is for those people who don’t want to use an external hack tool but still want an easy solution for their MLBB game items.

The Nitchi Ez Apk includes all of the locked premium skins of almost every character along with the option of getting a map hack where you will be able to go to any point on the map without any problem.

Additional Information

Version v8.6
Size 111.9MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4
Ratings 4+
Updated on 30 November 2022
Category Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



This mode version of the Nitchi Ez Apk has been designed in such a way that the hacking script has been embedded inside it and the script has been kept hidden using the key hacking encryption feature. This ensures that the developers of the game don’t detect the hacking script and that your account is kept safe.

So what you get with this version of the game is insane. You will get all the skins of all of the characters unlocked. Moreover, all of the other premium features of the application are also unlocked here in this version. Different cheats like easy headshots, grass fixes, auto re-spawn, etc have also been added here.


Nitchi Ez Apk

Nitchi Ez Apk

The features of the Nitchi Ez Apk are given below.

ML Skins Unlocked

Here in this application, you will all of the skins for your favorite category of heroes already unlocked for free. The list of the characters and skins that you will get is as follows.

  • Assassin has 46 Skins
  • Mage has12 Skins
  • The tank has 08 Skins
  • The fighter has 17 Skins
  • Support has 05 Skins
  • Marksman has 19 Skins

Easy Head Shots Hack

The application comes with a cheat that will make your gameplay very easy. This cheat gives you the capability of getting easy headshots so you get the most points by hitting the heads of other players while playing the game.

Accessible Premium Features

The features that were premium and required you to have a premium membership of the game have been unlocked here in this mode version of the game. The auto re-spawns, the different game effects, the background, and every other premium option has been unlocked.

Map Cheat Tool

The Maphack and cheat tool has already been embedded in the game where you will get all of the maps unlocked and accessible to you along with having a hack where you can access any point of the map easily and reach out there with just one click. You will also get this in Mazzrenn Injector and purple Sky Injector as well.

No Ban

As the embedded encryption technique is used in this version where the cheat script is hidden so you won’t face any ban problem from the game while using this mode version of the MLBB.


So if you wish to get an entire mode version of the MLBB where all of the premium items are available along with different cheats to use in the battles, then your best solution is this Nitchi Ez Apk. With its anti-ban technology, it is a good choice to consider.