Sohel Injector

As you know that the free fire craze is everywhere. And everyone wants to play this game and win all the matches. But for that reason, you have to work hard. If you wish to excel in this game without having to work too hard then you need to get an unfair advantage inside the game. The Sohel Injector is here to give you that unfair advantage.

Sohel Injector

Sohel Injector

So today I am here with the Sohel Injector, a cheat and hack tool for your Garena Free Fire game. Here using this application you will get to use many ESP cheats and other hacks like auto-aiming, auto-locking, head locking, etc.

Now, most of you know that this game is a high-competition game and the players of this game have a very high skill level. So if you lack perfect skills then winning matches will become very difficult for you here.

To tackle this situation you need to get an unfair advantage over the other players by this application. You get Goal lock, Goal Bot, Auto headers, Free Antenna head, Aim lock, headshots, etc using this application.

So any player who had difficulties in playing this free fire game and was unable to achieve the different tasks and win the games can use the cheats and hacks of this app.

Additional Information

Version v1.70.2
Size 8 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 January 2023
Category Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



You don’t have to root your mobile phone to use this Sohel Injector. It is a third-party hack tool for your Free Fire game where you will be able to change the background music to one of your customized music.

Apart from this, there are different other hacks available that I will discuss in the below section. In short, you will get many beneficial cheats to help you win the games. But keep in mind that while using this application, the short-term usage of the cheats will be helpful while the long-term usage might get you into trouble of getting yourself banned from the game.


Sohel Injector

Sohel Injector

The features of the Sohel Injector are given in the below text.

Loot Location

Using this application you will be able to get the loot location of the loot that will drop from the sky very easily. So you will be the first person to reach there.

Auto Headshot

Headshots in the Free Fire game are very useful as they give you higher points so that your rank can be increased quickly. So if you wish to get some quick and easy headshots, you can use this auto headshot feature of the app.

Hero Skills

There are many skills associated with your hero here in Free Fire. You can enhance these skills using the cheats available in the Sohel Injector. These skills include Jumping, Speed of the hero, Kicking capability, Auto-Aim, Extra Sensory Perception, and all the other skills that can be enhanced using this app.

Background Music

The background music of the Free Fire is cool but do you know that you can easily modify this sound and replace it with your custom music using this application?

Accurate Aims

When you will use this app with your Free Fire then you will easily get a better aim for your enemies. This is because the aim is set to auto and the focus is also cleared so aiming becomes very easy for you using the Sohel Injector.

What’s New

  • We have updated to the latest version v1.70.2
  • Auto Headshot option
  • Fly hack
  • Gun location
  • More skins now
  • New changes in the latest version.


When you will start using this Sohel Injector, then you will see that winning games are no more difficult for you. You can easily defeat anyone using the Sohel Injector in your Free Fire game. So wait no more as the ultimate Free Fire hack is here. Try more injectors from Mobapks like Warlito Gaming Injector and Http Pro Injector, etc.