Warlito Gaming Injector

So have you played the famous Mobile Legends bang bang game? If yes then you must know that there are tons of heroes that you can play with and for those heroes, there are a lot of different skins that make the heroes look cool and attractive. So if you want some high-quality skins then the Warlito Gaming Injector will help you do this. This is the latest patcher of 2023

Warlito Gaming Injector

Warlito Gaming Injector

So what is this Warlito Injector? Unlike most of its sibling applications, this app primarily focuses on the skin. That is why it has the most premium-level advanced and upgraded skins for your ML game heroes.

So how does this app works? As you all may know that this app is a third-party application that will work with the ML game externally. You can get all of your premium-level skins that are unlocked and paid for in the ML game store, for free.

These skins are of very importance. There are 2 things for which many players switch to these skins and everyone wants them. The first reason is obvious these skins make the hero look cool and attractive.

The second reason for using the skins of the Warlito Gaming Injector is that they enhance the fighting capability and style of the hero. So if you wish to have all of the skins for your ML game then try this app.

Additional Information

Version v1.28 Part 18
Size 23.9 MB
Price Free
Required Android 4.4 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 10 March 2023
Category Injector
Get it on the Play Store Not Available



Warlito Injector

Warlito Injector

You don’t have to worry much about the workings of this application. The operation is simple. You can easily have all the skins by just clicking one button on the items that you need.

All of the categories like the Tank, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Assassin, and support are there and each one has different skins that you can have for different heroes of this category.


Warlito Gaming Injector Apk

Warlito Gaming Injector Apk

The features and skin options of this Warlito Gaming Injector are given below.

Assassin Skins

Assassin is a powerful category of hero in the ML game. Under this category, there are many heroes to look out for. Many people tend to choose the assassin as their main lead. So the skin options for the assassin are more than 52 in number covering 9 different heroes.

  • Fanny has 8 skins
  • Benedetta has 4 skins
  • Gusion has 8 skins
  • Hanzo has 4 skins
  • Hayabusa has 7 skins
  • Ling has 5 skins
  • Selena has 7 skins
  • Karina Revamp has 7 skins
  • Saber Revamp has 7 skins

Fighter Skins

If you are a regular player of ML then you know that the fighter is one of the most powerful categories of heroes here and different people use this category. So here in this app, you get more than 34 skins for the 7 heroes of the fighter.

  • Alucard has 4 skins
  • Zilong has 5 skins
  • Argus has 4 skins
  • Chou has 8 skins
  • Xborg has 4 skins
  • Sun has 5 skins
  • Alpha Revamp has 4 skins

Mage Skins

The players looking for the Mage skins will get more than 52 different sorts of skins for the heroes of the Mage category.


If you want to have skins for the heroes of marksman then you can unlock all of the available skins for the marksman category. The number of skins exceeds 100 for this category.


Every skin available for the Tank category of heroes can be unlocked using this application. All of them are original tank skins with many upgraded ones.


There are skins available for 8 different heroes of the support category are more than 34 in number. So you can have them also using this injector tool.

What’s New

  • Updated to the latest version v1.28
  • More improvements
  • More skins unlocked.
  • Better performance.
  • Bug fixes and other optimizations
  • New changes in the latest version
  • So update it now to get new changes

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Right now the Warlito Gaming Injector only focuses on the skins which is the reason why this application has one of the highest numbers of premium quality upgraded skins. So if you want to get all of the ML skins, then download this application. If you find this injector beneficial please make sure to share this injector apk with your friends so that they can enjoy gaming in a better way as well.