If you are looking for any one of the best applications to get more likes, comments, followers, and views then 4like is for you.



This quite seems difficult to manage more than one social media account using one application. Because for every social media application to get real followers different application has been developed and it is difficult to control all of them.

So this is also a major reason that 4like is adored by the users because it provides a really handy option to control all of the social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram to get more and more followers and likes.

Additional Information

Updated on 21 March 2023
Size 2.3 MB
Version v2.8
Android Version Android 3.0 and above
Offered by 4Liker
Price Free
Category Tools
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Generates Likes/Comments

No doubt this application works on the mechanism of the generation of fake likes on the post you have shared. No matter you have shared pictures, videos, or any status it will help you get more and more likes over it.

This application works in such a way that people who want to grow their social media accounts are welcome to grow their accounts easily and to get more popular.

It will increase the number of likes no matter which social media platform you are using to get fame this will work the same for all.

All you have to do is to log in through this application by providing basic information of your account that is the email and password and leave the rest on 4like mobile application.

This application will not only increase your likes on your account but will also increase the number of comments on your posts you have shared on your account.

Get More Followers

Every social media account and platform has its modules some works on the fan following that is the followers and some have the friends added by accepting the friend request.

This application will work the same in both cases like if you are using Instagram this application will let you grow your followers in your list.

Get More Friends

Similarly, for Facebook, it works in a different manner that is it helps you to get more and more friends in your account.

You would never be able to chat with your added friends through this application but all it will do is it will increase your number of friends in your account thus gradually resulting in the growth of your Facebook account.


As mentioned above this application is only designed for any single social media application but it works the same for all.

No matter you are using Instagram or Facebook depending upon the interface and the mechanism of the social media application this application will let you grow your account quickly and securely.

It works for all social media platforms so you have not to be worried about the different applications to manage your accounts this single application can let you grow multiple of your accounts according to your own need and desire.


From features, you can see the compatibility of this application with almost every android device as it requires only android version 3.0 and above. This is the very basic requirement for any best application to deal with.

Along with this it is a small-sized application and will occupy only small storage that is 2.3 Mb of your storage over your phone.


As we have reviewed many other social media booster applications but the key success feature that this application has is the versatility that is it can help in boosting many social media accounts with different applications at the same time.