Dolby Digital

If you want to test out your vocals and do not have access to the studio for that purpose you should try Dolby Digital Apk.

Dolby Digital Apk

Dolby Digital Apk

This application is designed for those users who do not have access to high-end built studios to check out their vocals so for those users, this application can do wonders.

You can record your vocals with high quality that is free from background noises etc. This application is designed for such an environment where the user does not have access to a studio to record vocals and test them out.

Without the involvement of a third-party application, this application will directly implement all vocals effects over your voice.

So whenever it comes to the enhancement of sound there is surely no other better option than this application.

Additional Information

Name Dolby
Ratings 4.4
Size 45 MB
Total Downloads 1 M+
Version Latest
Updated on 14 June 2021
Category Tools
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Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital

Cinematic Sound

You can get powerful by turning on the virtualization. Create any cinematic sound out of scratch.  These cinematic sounds will be so powerful and will give the cinematic sound effects. Thus giving you the most immersive effect of sounds.

Noise Reduction

This application is known to reduce noise in the background Any sound having much noise in the background can be cleared up easily.

Noise reduction is no doubt the best-known feature of this application so far. Not only this version of the Dolby application but other versions are known to remove and reduce the noise distortions in the background of any sound.

Dynamic Equalizer

It will support a dynamic equalizer for any audio and sound. This dynamic equalizer will equalize any sound dynamically. Later, you can equalize the sound manually too.


This application provides a very basic interface for its users. Applying any voice effect over any sound is so easy that users using this application for the first will be capable of producing their required effects of sounds over any media.

The detailed graphics of this application provides an ease to work on any type of sound or video to edit and later share on any social media platform.


You can compress any available sound over this application. The compressed audio will be of high quality even after its high compression.

Volume Maximization

If you ever feel like the available sound has a low volume and you want to make it play over maximize volume. You can do that so too by using the maximum volume option using this application.


You can import any sound, video easily directly from the storage of the device. Importing any media will be so easy that it will never provide any tough time while exploring through the internal memory of the device.

Once you want to import any media whether video or audio you can simply scroll and can find well-organized media in the device.

Edit and Record

You can edit any available sound or video. You can add voice-overs effects over any media. Edit and record anytime you want to.

Easy Sharing

Also, the sharing of the edit media is never been so easy. Once you are done with the recording and editing of any sound you will be provided with multiple ways of sharing that media over any social media application.


For every user, it is never handy to work on high-end software to edit and record sounds and voices with noise reduction features. Dolby Digital Apkis no doubt a handy option for users who want to work on voice editing.