Subwoofer Bass Pro

If you want to enhance the bass of your phone then try out this Subwoofer Bass Pro Apk. This application improves the bass and the sound quality of your phone.

Subwoofer Bass Pro Apk

Subwoofer Bass Pro Apk

It will increase the low frequencies of your phone to active bass booster thus people having the issue of low quality in their phone can try this application out to improve the sound quality of their phones along with the bass.

It will not only improve the bass but will work for the clarity of the sounds too. Along with it, it is working in the background feature makes it worth downplaying as it will not affect the other application working in the foreground.

Additional Information

Name Subwoofer Bass
Size 5.80 MB
Rating 4.3
Total Downloads 5 M+
Updated on 20 March 2023
Version V12.4
Category Games
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subwoofer bass

subwoofer bass

Bass Booster

This application will work for different variants of the base. It will work the same for the upper base, mild base, deep base, mid, upper mid, high and sub deep, etc.

So you do not have to download different applications to work on for different basses, with this single application you can work at the same time.

Clear Sounds

From working on the bass to clearing the sound quality this application is no doubt versatile. It will work for clearing the pitch of the sound too.

Hence sounds with low frequencies will be clear up to active base booster. Hence set your equalizer manually from the settings to set the bass of the sound.

In short, this application does not only deal with the base of the sound but with the clarification of the sound that will eventually increase the quality of sound being played on the phone.


Most of all this Subwoofer Bass Pro Apk will work in the background so it will not affect the applications playing or working in the foreground, just open this application it will work for the bass of the sound in the background and will not affect the application in the foreground.

Support Platforms

It also supports various famous platforms like Spotify, google music play, music, etc. So for playing sounds on those applications you will not have to download another extra application for that this single application will work the same for all.

Supports Formats

It also supports all formats of sound media. No matter what format of music you have it will support almost all formats of sounds. So you do not have to convert first the format of the sound into any other, it will work the same for all.

Cool Interface

The interface of this application is well developed with cool colors and graphics and it’s quite satisfying to work on this application as the interface of this application is quite understandable even for the first time too.


This Subwoofer Bass Pro Apk is only compatible with android version 6 and above, all those android devices with android version 6 and higher have compatibility with this application.

Also, it does support iOS too, the same application will work for both android and iOS. Features of the application will be the same as mentioned above.


There is only one concern regarding this application you have to stop all other equalizer n your phone as this equalizer work only in the situation when there will be no other equalizer working on the phone.


Being a small-sized application it provides a list of the features that one cannot expect from one single application. On our recommendation, you should try out this equalizer on your phone as we are sure you will be addicted to it.