Dumpster Pro

All of you have used Windows PC at some point in your life. And if you had, then you must also have come across recycle bin, where your deleted items used to go and if you wanted to restore then you had that option too. Dumpster Pro Apk you can say is the recycle bin of android.

Dumpster Pro Apk

Dumpster Pro Apk

Have you ever deleted something important by mistake and thought about a way you can bring your important files back, or if you deleted something and a month or 2 later you wanted to bring it back but till then it was too late.

Then don’t worry now you can do all this with a dumpster, as the dumpster has cloud storage of its own and acts as a recycle bin for your mobile phone.

Without the dumpster, whenever you will delete something it will be deleted permanently. Also if your phone already has a recycle bin your deleted files are stored in your phone memory anyways, which is not an optimal solution.

But when you install the Dumpster Pro Apk, from that moment whenever you delete something from your phone, it goes directly into the secure cloud of the dumpster and remains there. In this way, there is no additional pressure on the memory of your phone and whenever you want to restore that deleted item you can do that.

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Dumpster Premium Apk

Dumpster Premium Apk

Dumpster Pro Apk is the top app in the utility category with over 50 million downloads and the same ratio of happy customers. The application has flexible cloud storage of its with deep algorithms of multimedia. The security of this application is also of fine quality.

The work is simple. When you install the dumpster and set it up, from that moment onwards, anything you delete will directly go into the cloud storage of the app, which then resides there till the day you decide to restore it.

This app has mainly 3 advantages over the built-in recycle bin. The first one is that the deleted files are on the cloud so your phone’s memory is not wasted. Secondly, you can restore it months after you deleted the file. The third one is that you get a highly secure system where your files will be safe.


The application has some cool set of features to offer, which is the only reason that it has a customer base of over 50 million satisfied people using Dumpster pro apk every day on their smartphones.

Recover Deleted Files Instantaneously

The files that you delete can be recovered within a second. You don’t have to worry about the fact that the app is based on cloud storage so it will take some time to restore. This is not the case the files are restored very quickly.

Recover Files Anytime

You can recover your deleted videos, photos documents, zip files, etc any time after the deletion date. So if you change your mind and want some photos back you can do it.

Backup your files

Apart from recovering your deleted files, this application also provides you with the added feature of backing up your data to its online cloud storage so you may feel free of data loss in any case.


The app is very secure and your files will be safe in the dumpster. So you no need to worry about theft or data loss if you have downloaded Dumpster on your mobile phone.


So if you were worried about your habit of deleting files by mistake, then you don’t need to worry about it. Dumpster pro apk is here to save you from the hassle of downloading and installing tons of data recovery apps that don’t work. With this application, some part of your life will be at peace so download now.