Hushed Mod

Want a secondary private phone number that you can use to send messages and do voice calls, then here is a great app that lets you do all of this stuff without any problem. The Hushed Mod Apk is private wifi calling app that you can use in your businesses and daily life routines.

Hushed Mod Apk

Hushed Mod Apk

If you are a person who doesn’t want to expose their real number or identity to people and wants to carry out calling and messaging to other people you can download this app as it is great for you.

Hushed Premium Apk provides you with a second phone number on your device just Like Magic Call. Apart from that, you can use multiple numbers with this app, all of which depend on your subscription. The number that you get is from Canada, the UK, the USA, and 300 different codes.

You can choose the country and the code by yourself making it very easy to have full control over your secondary phone number. When you call or message anyone with this number, your identity or the number itself will not be shown to the person whom you are calling.

In this way, you can stay anonymous and continue your business of cold calling or advertising if you are into a business of that kind. The Hushed Mod Apk can be used with wifi and you can access it on your laptops also.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Ratings 4+
Updated on 20 March 2023
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When you will install the Hushed Mod Apk, you have to sign up on the app. After that, you can select the country of whose number you want you can select the area code of the number and you will get the number that you want.

You can carry out calling, messaging and video and image messaging using this number over the wifi to the real numbers. Staying anonymous is why people use this app so it provides you with that feature. There is also an option to record a voice mail and it will be played automatically whenever you are unable to receive a call.




The features of the Hushed Mod Apk are given in the below text.

Get Multiple Numbers

The primary function of the app which many people know about is that it gives you a second phone number for your calling and messaging. But the feature that most people don’t know about is that it can give you multiple numbers which you can use on a single device. Meaning you can get a third and fourth number on the same device of your choice.

300 Country Codes

The app gives you local numbers from USA, UK, and Canada and there you can get over 300 codes of the cities. The choice is yours which number you want. You select your code by yourself and have full control over your number.

Forward Calls

The app also provides you with a feature where you can forward calls to the numbers that you want. An option for call routing is also available in the subscription of the app which can be useful to different businesses.

Message Automation

You can also record a demo message so whenever any personal messages you on your number, he or she will get that recorded message first. This is very useful if you run a business as your customer gets instant reply even if you are away.

Voice Mail Recording

The app lets you record voice mails. Voice mails are important in this regard that if you are busy and anyone is calling you and you are unable to answer their calls, they will get your recorded message in the first instant.


The Hushed Mod Apk is the best app for you if you run a small or large business. It will help you in many ways. If you are an individual and want to make your laptop work as your phone, then the multiple device operation features of the app will also be very help full to you. So download the app now and enjoy calling your secondary private number.