LastPass Premium

It is one of the best password managers and secure vaults. It stores all personal account passwords like a vault. LastPass Premium Apk stores passwords of social media accounts and guards user’s identities.

LastPass Premium Apk

LastPass Premium Apk

It is the best password manager and guard for the passwords that will protect and guard the passwords of all accounts thus providing better security.

As it is much difficult to memorize all of the information of the passwords, because a single user has his account on almost every social media application including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Remembering the passwords of these accounts seems impossible.  LastPass is no doubt a lifesaver that will genuinely not only keep and remember your passwords of social media accounts but you can keep the information like debit and credit cards over here.

Additional Information

Ratings 4+
Size 13 MB
Total Downloads 10M +
Updated on 20 March 2023
Offered by LogMeIn Inc.
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Account Data

LastPass is supposed to provide storage for your personal social media accounts information. As there are many social media applications that we are using right now on our phones.

Remembering passwords of these accounts seems impossible and sometimes users forget their passwords and no matter how hard they try they never get access back to the passwords again and lose their important data.

But with this lifesaver application, no one is going to lose its data anymore. This application will store all information like account email, number, and password

Bank Information

Along with the information of social media accounts you can also store the information of your bank accounts.

Information related to the debit card, credit cards, account number, and password can be store here and it will keep it securely over here with all required information.


This application provides security to the passwords of all accounts and in turn, it is protected with the password itself. The encryption of this application makes it secure so no one can spoof through the passwords of your accounts.


Although this LastPass Premium Apk keeps the most valuable information of your accounts that is password and email, still it has the highest number of active users that shows how secure this application is.

The active users of this application are quite satisfied with the security of this application and have shown no security concern so far.

Log in

You always need to get registered if you are using this application for the first time. But if you already have registered this application you need to log in with the application.

After the password has been set for this application second layer of security will be its log-in. After getting log in with valid mail and the password you will access your next password ahead of.


With 2 layer security, this application allows only authentic users to get into it. It 2Syncyer security makes it worth downloading and the most reliable application for saving passwords of accounts and storing bank account passwords


This application also allows support of auto-fill that will assist you in the auto-filling of the passwords and the account’s email.

Log Out

You can log out of this application whenever you want to and can get log in again.

Sync Devices

With an email account and a valid password, you can sync with the application on multiple devices. But the key requirement is to remember the password and the email


No doubt the above-mentioned rich features show how worth full this LastPass Premium Apk is if you are facing the issue of remembering the passwords of your accounts. Give this application a try you will surely love the best features of this application.