Macro Space

If you play Garena Free fire then you would want this Macro Space app on your devices as this app provides you with an added advantage in your free fire game. This application is simply a script injector tool for your Free Fire game and using this app you will unlock many premium options of your game.

Application Overview

Macro Space

Macro Space

If you are tired of losing games in your Free Fire game or you want an advantage over the other players to score high against them. In any case, you need the help of this tool that will make your free-fire experience a lot easier.

This is an application that helps gamers to inject different modifying scripts into their Free Fire game, allowing them to gain an edge over other players in Garena Free Fire. The app comes with a range of features that can enhance your gameplay, such as ice barriers, FPS, DPI, and more.

All the limitations that you have in the free-fire game will be removed after injecting the scripts generated by this tool. So you will have better chances of winning more games and topping the leaderboard with the cheats and hacks.

Additional Information

Version V7.2
Required Android 5.5 and up
Downloads 900000+
Ratings 4+
Size 68 MB
Updated on 16 March 2023
Category Tools
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For Whom Macro Space App Is For?

Macro Space Apk

Macro Space Apk

This app is for those who play Garena Free Fire and want to level up their gameplay. It’s perfect for newbies who find themselves unable to survive in the game due to a lack of premium resources. The Macro Space is also for those who are tired of losing and want to improve their chances of winning.

So no matter if you are a newbie finding a kick start to winning the Garena Free Fire matches or an old player of the game yet to leave a mark on the game, this script injector tool is designed for you.

Macro Space Features

Macro Space Apk

Macro Space Apk

If you want to know more about the features of the Macro Space script injector tool, then head on to the below section and read them out.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior With Ice Barriers

This feature is designed to help players unleash their inner warrior by protecting them from enemy attacks. This innovative feature acts as a shield by deflecting enemy assaults and giving players the freedom to focus on strategy and gameplay. With the security of ice barriers, players can fearlessly face their opponents and emerge victorious.

Step Up Your Game With High FPS

With the High FPS script, you can enjoy a smooth and seamless gameplay experience with a maximum number of frames per second. Say goodbye to lags as this feature ensures that your game runs at lightning-fast speeds, allowing you to kill your opponents with ease.

See the Battle In Stunning Detail With DPI

With this option, you can experience the game in high-resolution detail. The DPI setting increases the resolution of the game, making the graphics look clearer and more vibrant. This allows you to see your opponents and the battlefield in greater detail.

The Sensitivity Control System Script

This is a feature that allows you to optimize and enhance the performance of your device, giving you an edge in the game. With this system, you can adjust the sensitivity levels of your device to match your gaming style, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

HDR Graphics Script

With HDR Graphics FF, players can choose from a range of graphics options, including basic, standard, ultra, and 4K Full HD. This feature adds depth and vibrancy to the game world, bringing players closer to the action. Whether you’re fighting off enemy attacks or exploring new environments, HDR Graphics script provides a visually stunning experience.

Dominate the Battlefield with Powerful Macros

With this advanced script, players can gain an advantage over their opponents with tools like aim lock, aimbot, auto sight, auto throw, quick 360, and more. These cheats help players execute precise movements, aim accurately, and perform other in-game actions with ease, allowing them to achieve their objectives and conquer the battlefield with unparalleled skill.


So if you want to get an unfair advantage in the Garena Free Fire game and want to use premium quality scripts that will ensure that you don’t lose any more matches of the Free Fire then the Macro Space App is what you need. Just download the app and explore the possibilities of this app by yourself.