Netshare Pro

Sometimes it happens that you have to share your internet with your fellows or you are at a place where Wi-Fi signal strength is too weak, in that case, you are recommended to use Netshare Pro Apk.

Netshare Pro Apk

Netshare Pro Apk

Netshare Pro Apk

This application is designed to boost up the signal strength of your WIFI up to those areas where you feel the signal strength is quite weak.

Along with that, it will allow you to share your interest with your friends it will act as the router as well as the repeater at the same time.

More than that it will never require t be run in the foreground but it will run in the background thus not bothering the working of the other applications.

Additional Information

Name Netshare Pro
Offered by Netshare Software
Ratings 4.3
Size 368 KB
Version V10.2
Updated on 13 February 2024
Category Tools
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As mentioned above this application will work as the repeater more than an ordinary mobile application. If you are wondering how it will work as the repeater let us explain.

At that location of your house or working area where you think the signal strength of your WIFI is quite slow, you can use this application to boost up your strength as well as the, you can expand the area of your WIFI signals.

All you have to do is to connect your WIFI with your phone and right after that open this application and select your WIFI name from the application that will be displayed in the list and make it work as the repeater.


This also works as the router for the Wi-Fi, like if you have a data connection over your phone and want to share your data with your friends then use this application as it will act as the hotspot for other devices too.

Free of Cost

Most of all this application will not cost a single penny to share data with others, from installation to the usage of this application is completely free to work on. So install it free of cost from the google play store and take advantage of this application.

Easy Connectivity

Every connection of the WIFI and the shared devices will be in the form of the list so it will be quite easy to connect your phone with the connection.

From the available connection click on any connection, it will make your connection with the tapped connection instantly.

Easy Interface

Most of all the interface of Netshare Pro Apkhas been designed so easily and understandable for all users that will it not require any more technical knowledge to work on this application.

Set Password

Set your password for your hotspot that you will be sharing with others. You can name your connection a unique name with ab unique password which you can later change from the application whenever you want to.

Later whenever you will share a connection with your friends they will be asked to put the password that you have set in this application.


Along with these features, the size of this application is on KBs only, thus it will not occupy much space in the memory of the phone thus will not bother for the storage issues of the phone.


Netshare Pro unlocked

Netshare Pro unlocked

Working from our locations is the need of every single person nowadays and users found it quite difficult to have an internet connection every single time.

Netshare Pro Apk is no doubt a handy option for any of the sure to have full access over the available internet connections.

With all of the mentioned features, there is no doubt about the importance of this mobile application for those who always want to have an internet connection even from the off location.