YouTube Blue 100% Working

Almost every one of you loves to watch YouTube videos for any purpose and you all have YouTube as a default application on your android phone. Because it is an application by google and is a video watching and sharing application.

Youtube Blue Apk

Youtube Blue Apk

Every one of you has experienced the ads in every video on YouTube sometimes ads start at the start of the video and sometimes ads will pop up during the video it may bother viewers every time.

If you also get bothered by YouTube ads then try YouTube Blue Apk. It is a Modded version of YouTube and it is very popular in the android community. Many features that YouTube blue has are the same as that of YouTube but it has several added features too.

It has a built-in ad-blocking feature with a black theme and much more. This is a major improvement version of YouTube so why install YouTube only if we have YouTube Blue with many features.


Youtube Blue Pro is now working fully. We have removed the error 400. Just download the apk below.

Additional Information

Version 13.46.51
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63 MB

Android Requirement 4.2 +
Released on

8 May 2022

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Youtube Blue

Youtube Blue

As mentioned above the feature of this version of YouTube are the same as the official one but with the added features too. It also has video watching, sharing of videos, and downloading of videos, and every basic feature with some duration.

Below we have mentioned some of the features of YouTube blue.


It has a built-in ad-blocking feature and will not let the user get bothered by the pop-up ads while watching the video.


You can play any video in the background while you are searching for other stuff outside of YouTube. This feature is also provided in the premium version of YouTube.

HDR Mode

A high Dynamic Range of video quality is also offered in this version of YouTube. If you love watching videos of high quality. Then this version of youtube is highly recommended. Because with HDR Mode, you can see the moving images crystal clear.

Zoom in

Zoom in and out feature is also available in YouTube Blue Apk just by pinching in and out on the screen it will let you zoom in and out of the screen.


You can select the value of resolution. You can select resolution at the minimum or maximum. It is up to you which resolution you select according to your choice.


Everyone wants to switch the theme color of any social media platform they used. The official YouTube lack behind in this feature. But YouTube does provide a feature to switch between multiple themes. These themes include Red, Pink, and Black.

Window Style

Window style means minimizing the screen size while surfing through other videos or if you want to search for another video but do not want to close the recent video being played then you can opt for window style.

Repeat Videos

Repetition of the video is your choice. If you want to repeat a specific video being played again and again you can select it from the setting.

But if you want to play the whole playlist in the loop you can do it too just by changing the settings from the YouTube settings.

Download Videos

You can download the videos for later watch. The downloaded video will be available later in offline mode.

But keep in mind that after 2 to 3days the downloaded videos needed to be synced again and it will need the proper internet connection.


It will suggest to you the videos of your choice only. As every YouTube whether it’s the official one or its Modded version works n algorithm. So it will suggest only the videos of your interest only,

Watch later

If you want to watch any video but are in a quick hurry then you can add that video to the watch later list. Videos you have added to the watch later list will be available only in online mode only.

Paused History

There is an option to Pause History on Youtube Blue. This means youtube will not track your previous history. But there is an advantage of pausing this option because Youtube will not suggest you the videos according to your search history and watch history.

What’s New?

  • Updated to the latest version
  • There is an option to save the videos to watch them later
  • You can use other apps while using this app as well.
  • All the irritating ads have been removed.
  • Team has just removed the error 400.
  • Better performance in the pro version
  • UI is improved
  • No lags

Youtube Blue Review by

We have manually tested this application and it wasn’t working fine a couple of days before. But after reviewing the app we have made some changes to it and by the hard work of Mobapk’s team, Blue Youtube is now working fine fully.


Youtube Blue

Youtube Blue

As it is obvious that you can find all features of YouTube on YouTube Blue Apk. Along with this, its built-in ads blocking features make it before official YouTube. Along with this is a very light weighted application and it will not let your android device lag.


Q: What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube blue?

YouTube is the official website and is from google whereas YouTube blue is the Modded Version of YouTube and it has the ad-blocking feature too.

Q: What is the difference between YouTube Blue and YouTube Vanced?

Both are the same applications. YouTube Vanced term is also used for YouTube Blue.

Q: Is YouTube Blue available on the google play store?

As it is the Modded version and is not available on the Google Play store but you can directly download it from our website just by clicking the link.