UC Mini Mod

Chrome and Firefox are good browsers and most people use these browsers on their PCs and Laptops. But when it comes to mobiles phones, although these softwares are good for phones too they cause different problems also. So there are even good choices than these browsers for mobile phones, and UC Mini Mod Apk is one of them.

UC Mini Mod Apk

UC Mini Mod Apk

UC browser mini is a browser that gives tough competition to the big names in this field. The problems of using too much storage over time and making the phone slow down after heavy usage still exist with these big browsers.

And this is where the UC browser comes in. It is a lightweight browser that can do all the work that your high-end browser does but it will not be storage heavy and will not lag or slow down your phone no matter how much you use it.

Different shortcuts for different websites are presented in the form of icons to you and also you can set the speed of the website on how fast it will load by making all the background processes stop.

The application also has recommendations about news and trendy videos that it notifies you about. You can also protect your UC Mini Mod Apk with an in-app password and also do safe browsing in safe mode.

Additional Information

Current Version
Requires Android
Ratings 4+
Updated on 16 March 2023
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The UC Mini Mod Apk works the same as any browser but it has some of its unique features. The widgets of this browser are a notable thing that you must check out. Another thing is that the downloading speed with this browser is insane and you can get high downloading and buffering speeds. All ads are blocked as we have removed ads in Blokada.

Another important thing is that you can subscribe to the different widgets so that you can get timely notifications regarding them. The recommendation system of the app is also very good and it recommends you stuff based on your preferences. All of this and more are waiting for you in the app.


UC Mini Mod Apk

UC Mini Mod Apk

A lot of features are there to cover this app. So I will be listing down some of the major features of the UC Mini Mod Apk down below.

Fast Video Downloader

This application has a very fast video downloader as compared to that of chrome and firefox and another amazing thing is that you can go to the download page of the file from the downloading option.

Fast Browser

The main thing for which many people shift to this browser is that it is very fast. Another thing about this app is that it does not take too much space on your phone and does not burn too much ram which makes your phone run smoothly which is not the case with many other mobile browsers.

Video Player

This browser has a video player so whenever you play any video using this browser it is your choice whether you want to use the video player of this browser or not. The video player of this browser has some additional features that you need to look at.

Extract Sound From Video

Whenever you download a video you can download it in many formats. If you just need the sound from the video you can download it with the downloader of this app in the Mp3 format very easily and you don’t need an external sound extractor for this purpose.


If you want to make your phone run fast and don’t want a single browser app to take all of the storage space, then you should download this UC Mini Mod Apk. It has an amazing set of features that you will like while using it.