Whatslog Mod

Among many other social media applications, Whatsapp is the famous one used mainly for calling and chatting with loved ones. It is a great source of communication. To make more use of it and enhance your experience of using WhatsApp, the Whatslog Mod Apk is there for you.

Whatslog Mod Apk

Whatslog Mod Apk

So as you all know that Whatsapp is a cool place and there you can communicate with your known people. There are options in WhatsApp that you can customize. Like hiding the last seen feature so no one knows when you were last online.

This is a great feature for you but if any of your friends are using this feature you get annoyed sometimes as you don’t know whether he was online when you sent him the message or not. So for that reason, there is a solution in the form of this app where you can track the activity of your friends and family on WhatsApp.

The Whatslog Mod Apk takes the log of your WhatsApp contacts and tells you when were they last online in the app. All the times and dates are kept in a log and you can view the list. It also notifies you when your desired added contact comes online.

Additional Information

Name Whatslog
Size 14 MB
Ratings 4+
Required Android 4.0 and UP
Version Latest
Updated on 10 February 2022
Category Tools
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So on WhatsApp, if someone hid their last see, there is no way to view it on the WhatsApp application. For this particular reason, you need to install the Whatslog Mod Apk.

So what this app does is that it simply tracks the activity of your contacts on WhatsApp. When they were online, or how often they are online, which last instant they were using WhatsApp, you can track it all using this application.

The app is not only useful for Whatsapp but also telegram users can also make the most use of this application. The application can track up to 10 users that you will add to the tracking list. After that, the application will start to track the activity of those users and then make a list for you to see.




The Whatslog Mod Apk has some exciting features which I am going to discuss in the below text.

Track 10 Users

If any of your friends or relative has a hidden last seen, and you want to know when they are online on Whatsapp, you can do that with this application. The app has an option where you can track up to 10 users at a time. All you need to do is to add those people who you want to track in the tracking list and after that, the application will start to track them. The same feature you will get in Whatsapp Blue and Whatsapp Red.

Telegram Support

Apart from just tracking the WhatsApp users, you can also track your telegram contacts. So if you are a telegram user and want to know when your contacts come online and go offline, you can do that with this app.

Keep Eye On Your Children

If you are a parent then you must download this app. With the help of this app, you can know more about your children’s activities on the platform. So if they hide something from you, you can know it.

Daily Statistics

You can get daily stats of the activities of users in the form of charts and other helpful materials. Which you can view and understand well.


This Whatslog Mod Apk is a nice application if you are someone who likes to keep a check on the people around you. For parents, it’s a great app for tracking the activity of their children. All of the premium features of the app have already been unlocked in this modded version of the app.