Every person in the world who has a smartphone will be using the YouTube application for sure. Every user of YouTube faces the issue of ads popping your screen or device every single time.

YouTube++ Apk

YouTube++ Apk

To get yourself free from the issues that you may face over official YouTube you will surely need to have YouTube ++ over your phone.

This application provides tons of features that you will never found on official or any other Modded version of YouTube.

Additional Information

Name YouTube++
Version 13.45.9
Requirement 5.0 and above
Cost  Free
Size 24 MB
Updated on 13 February 2024
Category Tools
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Video Downloader

It provides you the platform using which you can download videos on your smartphone without the involvement of a third-party source application.

This application is designed to provide you the ease to download YouTube videos directly into your phone’s gallery without getting disturbed to install any YouTube video downloader for that.

Block ads

It will also help you block Youtubers videos ads that keep popping over the screen of your phone and making you disturb gain and again. The same feature you get in Youtube Black and Youtube Pink.

Because every user of YouTube does complain about the number of ads that he is always getting over his phone’s screen, and there is no way to get rid of these.

Because every video on YouTube is sponsored by different companies so it’s the compulsion of YouTube to show those ads every time.

But using this application will not only help you get rid of these ads but also will help you watch the video of any length right from the screen of your device.

Background Play

There is also a feature to play your video in background mode, although this feature is supported by official YouTube but over some devices, this feature does not support properly.

So to make this feature work for all kinds of devices you need to have YouTube++ Apk or Youtube Red over your phone that will support background playing of video on each device.

Auto Replay

This YouTube is also supported with the feature of an auto replay once you watch any video and want to watch it again and again so instead of getting into YouTube you can set its Autoreply that will make the video play on repeat.

Age Restriction

This version of YouTube does not show any restriction overage, you can watch any video without being notified about age restriction.


This version of YouTube although is a third-party application and is not from an authentic source, and that is the reason that it was removed from the google play store too.

Still, this application is safe and sound to install o any device you will never be bothered about the bugs, malware over this application.

Seek Control

You can control the forward and backward flow of video directly from the screen and using seek bar too.

Best Quality

Video streamed through this application will be of HD quality and later you can also set the quality of the video according to the size of your screen.

Hide Video

Also if you want to play audio but do not want to display the video being played you can use the feature of video hiding over this application.

No Registration

You will not be required to do registration of yourself with this application, so without the registration, you can start watching videos over this application.

No Root

As some of the Modded version requires to root your device first to be compatible with the Modded application, but this version of YouTube although being Modded will not require any root for the device.


Although the interface of this application is well understandable by being so simple and easy to use for newbies.


YouTube++ Apk is no doubt considered to be the best by providing bundles of features but still considering the matter of fact about this application that it is the Modded version.

But after doing so much research about this application we didn’t found any single complaint of the user regarding the privacy concern of this application.